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Your Hour Of Power

I’ve called this post “Your Hour Of Power” as it’s what world famous Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, calls this precious time of your day to spend on you, to de-stress, get focused, visualise and be grateful for everything you have in your life.  We live in a crazy, fast-paced world these days and most of us never take any time out to focus on us. In this article, Pip Thomas talks about how she’s incorporated this time into her life by taking her dog for a walk and visualising on the outcome(s) she intends to achieve in the day to come.

MeditationThe first hour of your day will totally influence the way the rest of your day will unfold and what you will achieve. So is it right to fill your head up with conversations to be had, emails that need sorting or lists you have still got to write? Are you best to focus on being grounded, setting a clear intent for the day, how you wish to feel and behave – and as a result – what you want to achieve?

Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, along with a number of other highly successful entrepreneurs, will not even consider checking their emails or picking up a phone until they have spent time on ‘them’. Whether you opt for meditation, yoga, Tai Chi or other affirmations, the impact will mean a positive start to your day.

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I came across the idea of your hour of power when listening to Tony Robbins’ “Get The Edge”. Other highly successful entrepreneurs like Eben Pagan and Richard Branson call this your daily ritual or daily success ritual where you set aside about an hour each day to make yourself strong for the day by incorporating exercise which alleviates all your stress, gets all the right chemicals flowing around your body and brain, and you combine it with visualising everything you want to achieve that day, that week, that month or year, for your body, friendships, relationships, your loved ones, finances, hobbies, spirituality and emotions in general. Tony Robbins says he has met so many people who seem to have everything but they’re unfulfilled, yet he’s met others who seemingly have nothing but they’re grateful, which makes them rich and fulfilled. I’ve actually been doing this for the last few months and have noticed quite a difference in my frame of mind. By simply taking time out to be grateful for everything you have already in your life, this shifts your mindset to one which is positive and fully charged  to take on the day ahead. We build our days – it’s up to us to create them. We need to take time out for ourselves or our lives will flash past us!



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