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Yoga For The Brain

Yoga For The Brain

Source: www.brooklynholisticwellness.com

Yoga for the brain” and “whole body relaxation” is often seen in adverts for yoga classes. There appears to be a mountain of evidence to support the notion that yoga, as a form of meditation, is not only good for relaxation but helps you to learn new things and focus. A recent study has actually proven that yoga is more effective for learning and focus, than aerobic exercise. This article from 10 News explains all…

Subjects who participated in a single yoga session had better speed and accuracy scores on working memory and inhibitory control tests than after they tried an aerobic exercise session of the same length. These tests are indicative of a person’s ability to maintain focus, as well as absorb and remember new information, and aerobic exercises had previously been shown to boost scores in those areas.

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I’ve never tried yoga before but reading articles like this certainly encourages me to want to give it a try. Personally, I find aerobic exercise brilliant to boost my productivity as it helps to de-stress, clear your mind, induces creativity, gets you thinking positively among many, many other benefits to your brain with the release of endorphins into your brain.



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