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Ways to Motivate Yourself As An Entrepreneur

Do you ever wonder what motivates entrepreneurs to be up first thing in the morning, work hard all day, be the last person to leave the office and to often end up thinking, talking and breathing their business? I’m not suggesting that thinking, talking and breathing your business is a good thing – we all need to be able to switch off to spend quality time with family and friends etc – but the motivation behind it is interesting. Here are three ways to motivate yourself as an entrepreneur brought to you by Moses Ma of Psychology Today. He describes the findings of research conducted at The School Of Human Studies at The University of Queensland, Australia where they explored the correlation of participation and adherence to physical exercise. These findings are then translated into entrepeneurial motivation.

Ways to Motivate Yourself As An Entrepreneur

Motivation For EntrepreneursFirst, to develop the level of motivation required for successful entrepreneurship, you need to spend time with other entrepreneurs and super-motivated individuals. In other words, stop hanging out with your naysaying loser friends, because these boat anchors will drag you down. Find friends who believe in you. Next, you should create a system of “co-accountability” with entrepreneurial partners to drive you toward success. This works for writers who join “writers bootcamps” and it’ll work for entrepreneurs as well.

Second, create a physical environment that supports entrepreneurship. For a business, create a brainstorming room, dedicated to your vision, that serves as a war room for driving your business toward that goal. For an individual, be innovative and design your ideal personal workspace forcreativity.

Third, let go of negative thinking. When you find yourself getting stuck in negative thoughts, try viewing your problems as an opportunity for you to grow. Find the gift in it. If you work at shifting the way you look at the experiences of your life, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your negative thought patterns will dissolve. It is entirely possible to achieve a state of natural happiness and optimism, and this will give you a whole lot more energy to work with than negativity.

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I couldn’t agree more with these ways to motivate yourself as an entrepreneur. Surrounding yourself by like-minded individuals boosts motivation like no other. The physical environment is key to creativity and innovation – if you’re surrounded by mess with little or no daylight for instance, your mind won’t go to work for you. The colour blue is meant to induce creativity – as is nature and exercise (but that’s a whole other article). The last point is so important. Negative influences can be detrimental to your progress as I have realised. When you can remove negative thinking and put a positive spin on every negative thought, it frees up your mind and you can focus your energy on whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.


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