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Ways To Focus On Yourself

Ways To Focus On YouNow this is an interesting one. It’s hard enough focusing on work or study or relationships or health or anything else for that matter, let alone on the most important person, you! These ways to focus on yourself are an enlightening read as it’s all too easy to lose sight of who you are in today’s society, where we are under pressure to please others – often our parents without even consciously knowing it. We are brought up observing the values and beliefs of our friends and family – or parents, more specifically.  The interesting part of life comes when you realise who the real you is, but the challenging part is being the real you, when such beliefs (often limiting beliefs) and values are instilled from an early age. Naturally our parents always want the best for us, and they act in ways in which they perceive to have our best interests at heart. Unfortunately, those are not always congruent with our own goals and life plans as I have found recently.  This is why this article caught my attention..

Ways To Focus On Yourself

Who are you? If you put a definition to your existence, do you accept this person? Take a moment and jot down your “you” definition, including your strengths, weaknesses and achievements.

Don’t get caught up with others and what they think about you. What you think of yourself is more important. If you are always masking who you are to appease others, you will lose your “you-ness.” Be yourself. Everyone else is taken

At times we can be insecure and hide or disguise those areas we are not proud of. We all have imperfections; we are human. Take a moment and write down five areas with which you are uncomfortable. Accept those areas, whether they are physical or emotional. When you are writing these areas down, look at your words. Are they negative? If you were to say these areas out loud, what tone would you be using? Watch what you say about yourself – you are listening!

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What did you think of these ways to focus on yourself? Do you always act in ways that are completely in line with your own beliefs and values and goals? Or do you act in ways in which your parents would expect or wish for you to act? The interesting part is it’s often on an unconscious level and we end up doing things that make other people happy rather than making ourselves happy. Put yourself first, you only have one life! At least, in this life anyway..


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