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Ways To Focus On Your Strengths

Ways To Focus On Your StrengthsThis really caught my eye as I remembered the days when I worked for a large organisation. Here, Diana Clement explains why it’s necessary to learn ways to focus on your strengths after making an interesting point about how organisations often focus on developing areas of weakness of their employees, rather than their strengths.  Her words make a lot of sense as she points out a number of negative effects that focusing on weaknesses will have on employees:

  1. Negative, not positive, interactions with colleagues
  2. Treat customers poorly
  3. Tell your friends what a miserable company you work for
  4. Achieve less on a daily basis
  5. Have fewer positive and creative moments.
  6. Many people may be staring their strengths in the face, but until they can see them are held back in their careers or simply sit at their desks disengaged.
She then reveals a few interesting statistics about how a management consultancy service uses a book called Strengths Finder 2.0 to work through performance appraisals of the organisation’s employees.

Gallup, which provides a management consultancy service in New Zealand, found that only 1 per cent of employees surveyed whose manager primarily focused on their strengths were disengaged.

Not surprisingly, the organisation’s consulting focuses on what executives and employees do well.

It provides staff with a copy of its book, Strengths Finder 2.0, and takes them through an assessment of their strengths.

The book gives an introduction to the concept of strengths psychology and then has a unique access code which enables the reader to complete a 30-minute questionnaire.

The results highlight each person’s five top strengths out of 34 and provide ideas for action on each relevant theme.

Participants are then asked:

1. How does this information help you better understand your unique talents?

2. How can you use this understanding to add value to your role?

3. How can you apply this knowledge to add value to your team, workgroup, department, or division?

4. How will this understanding help you add value to your organisation?

5. What will you do differently tomorrow as a result of this report?

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These ways to focus on your strengths are actually in tune with what creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson, has to say in the previous video.   He mentions how the majority of people in this world end up drifting through life not working in a job that’s in line with their strengths.  I’m sure everyone would be much happier if they truly focused on their strengths rather than developing their areas of weakness which would in turn, lead to increased creativity.



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