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Ways To Focus On Being Positive

Ways To Focus On Being PositiveThis article really grabbed my attention as I’ve witnessed the effect the author speaks about first hand. Eric Barker, a writer for Wired Magazine, examines the Tetris Effect where people in professions such as accounting and law take their work head home with them (unknowingly of course) which can have a negative effect on their personal lives. This is because they’re always looking for mistakes and errors in their line of work. Thankfully, there are ways to focus on being positive, which we’ll look into in just a moment, but here’s Eric Barker’s explanation of the Tetris Effect:

I discovered the tax auditors who are the most successful sometimes are the ones that for eight to 14 hours a day were looking at tax forms, looking for mistakes and errors.

This makes them very good at their job, but when they started leading their teams or they went home to their spouse at night, they would be seeing all the lists of mistakes and errors that were around them. Two of them told me they came home with list of the errors and mistakes that their wife was making. This is what makes me so good at work.

They were stuck in a negative Tetris Effect. We’re finding the same thing with lawyers. Lawyers have three times the level of depression of most of the other occupational groups in America. We discovered that many of the lawyers were coming home and started deposing their children or thinking about their quality time with their loved ones in terms of quantified billable hours.

Why are lawyers 3.6 times more likely to suffer from depression and more likely to end up divorced? They have trained their minds to seek out the bad in life because pessimists excel at law.

And here are ways to focus on being positive if you’re one to fall into this group of people or are close to someone in such a profession:

Is there a way to get your mind out of these negative loops? Yes.

You must train your brain to seek out the good things in life:

  • Retrospective judgment is a technique naturally happy people unknowingly use. It’s putting a positive spin on negative past events so you remember them as good. It’s very effective.

Of these ways to focus on being positive, I am able to relate to the suggestion list three things to be thankful for each day, as only today I read about an incredibly successful person by the name of Jordan Belfort who starts his day with 20 minutes of gratitude for everything he has in his life.  Apparently if you adopt an attitude of gratitude, this leads to much greater happiness and positive thinking.


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