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Ways To Focus By Decluttering Your Life

How cluttered is your life? These ways to focus by decluttering your life from Psychology Today, are highly relevant in today’s ridiculously hectic world. We’re surrounded by distractions in every direction, with so many choices for everything we do, be it TV shows, films, video games, reality TV, shops, supermarkets, technology, gadgets, email, messages, internet, social media (how many platforms are there now?) No wonder so many people struggle to focus! Take time to read this whole article – it’s thought-provoking and so very true.

Look at your life:

  • Schedule: Too many activities and appointments ;
  • Garage/storage: Too many boxes filled with stuff that you will never use again;
  • Closets: Too many clothes, equipment, tchotchkes, and just plain junk that will never see the light of day;
  • Purse or wallet: Too many credit cards, membership cards, and receipts;
  • Toys: Too many for children and adults;
  • Refrigerator: Too much food.

Stuff, of the cultural, technological, spatial, temporal, psychological, and social varieties, do so much more harm than good in our lives. It makes us stressed, claustrophobic, overloaded, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and lonely.

So here’s what you can do to tackle this growing concern:

Ways To Focus By Decluttering Your LifeHere’s what you should do. De-clutter your life!:

  • Popular culture: Watch, play, and listen less, don’t buy stuff you don’t need, don’t believe anything it tells you, don’t care too much about it;
  • Technology: Opt out, delete, uninstall, don’t update, don’t click, don’t save, don’t friend, follow, or like, disconnect, unplug;
  • Your world: Throw out, empty, clear, sell, donate, give away, reuse, recycle, reduce;
  • Time: Un-schedule, don’t plan, don’t over-commit, say no, do nothing, slow down, take off your watch, be spontaneous;
  • Your social life: Be selective, choose quality over quantity, spend time alone.
  • Your mind: Clarify, prioritize, simplify, tune in, zone out, read,meditate;
  • Your body: Eat nutritiously and in small portions, exercise frequently, go outside, relax often, nap regularly, go to sleep early.

Ah, your life uncluttered. Enjoy! Read whole article here

I couldn’t agree more with these ways to focus by decluttering your life. If you’re close to someone who never throws things out, give them a gentle nudge. Clutter affects your subconscious mind too, sending mixed messages to it that there are things to do which aren’t complete, and this makes it more difficult to focus using your conscious mind, think clearly and make good decisions.


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