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Unplug From Your Screens To Recharge Your Mind

Believe it or not, this is the week to unplug from your screens to recharge your mind. Why? Because this is Screen-Free Week (from 30th April to 6th May).  You may wonder, in that case, why I continue to write on this site.  However, Screen-Free week which is directed towards children and sponsored by Commercial Free Childhood is about unplugging from screens for entertainment purposes, not for work purposes.  The idea is that screens over time can drain your brain, or children’s brains to be more specific.  Today, screens are used more and more for entertainment purposes and it’s damaging.   This article, which was originally written by James Wood for examiner.com explains how screens can be detrimental to our minds.  I have excerpted 2 areas of attention that are inline with my posts on this site.

Unplug From Your Screens To Recharge Your Mind


It’s not possible. Most people think they can multitask, but they can’t. What actually happens is that the brain switches rapidly from one task to the next. Each switch uses energy and decreases productivity. Trying to work on a project while the TV is on is a recipe for poor results and a fatigued mind.


Dr. Ed Gray, PhD and licensed counselor, has said that exercise functions like a reset switch for brain chemistry. The chemical imbalances that cause mild depression, anxiety and loss of focus can all be corrected with physical activity. Professor Medina writes that humans are designed to think best while walking and moving. Screens make people sedentary, which not only affects the body, but the mind as well.

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If you’ve read the entire post, you’ll see that sleep and attention are also affected by the use of screens.  Why not give it a go yourself?  Unplug from your screens to recharge your mind just for 7 days.  You may find you do more exercise, play some sports, socialise with friends more, do something you wouldn’t normally do, add a little variety into your life.  Variety is the spice of life, right?



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