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Top 20 Tips From Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs

This list of the top 20 tips from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs is seriously cool. Eighteen highly successful entrepreneurs  provide their best advice for young, start-up entrepreneurs. This is soured from Forbes.com and is written by Eric T. Wagner. Check out number 2: “Focus focus focus” – well I never! Lack of focus is why the majority of start-up businesses fail. It’s not surprising though, given that the reptilian brain in us feeds of distractions, thrives off drama and is the source source of procrastination. Take some time out to take in these tips – they’re brilliant!

Top 20 Tips From Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs

Top 20 Tips From Entrepreneurs1.) The Power of Connections

“Network! Make connections and keep a record on each person you meet. Ask for their advice and help. Keep in touch with them along the way and build your network before you need it! Quality relationships are the keys to the kingdom.” – Clare Dreyer

2.) Focus, Focus and Focus

“Focus on ONE NICHE! And become the expert guru in that niche with your brand. Don’t get greedy! It’s the reason most quit by spreading themselves too thin.” – George Shepherd

3.) You Will Fail at Times

“Look forward to failure. This is how you learn to succeed. There is plenty of time to get it right —  so go ahead and just do it — and get it wrong.” –Graham Phoenix

4.) Let Your Passion Drive You

“Find what you’re truly passionate about and go for it head on.  Your passion driving you on your entrepreneurial journey. And understand there is NO Such THING AS BALANCE when you’re building your empire. There are things entrepreneurs do that others will not.” – Katerina Gasset

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What was your favourite tip from these top 20 tips from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs? Along with no. 2 I’d have to say “let Your Passion Drive You” – could not be put into better words. Most people go through life drifting from job to job, with incremental salary increases, never taking risks and life an unfulfilled working life. (Sorry to be blunt.) At least as an entrepreneur, everything you put into your business, is what you get out of it, so if the energy you put into it is driven by sincere passion for it, there’s only one way for your business to go. Up. (Unless you’re trying to sell ice to Eskimos)



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