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Tips For Parents Of Children With ADHD

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, then these simple tips  for parents of children With ADHD written by licensed counselor, Shannon Anderson, for the South East Missourian may be worth a read.

Tips For Parents Of Children With ADHD

Play board games that require attention to detail such as Battleship or Memory. Encourage your child to slow down and model how to think through a move, etc. in order to not only do better in the game but also reduce impulsive decision making.

Another important tip for parents of an ADHD child is to make time to be outdoors as often as possible. Take a nature walk, play a ball game, anything like this is a great way for the child to utilize some of the excess energy that develops while sitting in class for a good part of the day. If done immediately after school, before homework time, I can assure you that when homework time does come it will be a lot more bearable for both the parent and the child!

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These tips for parents of children with ADHD are in line with other articles I have read on ADHD.  Whilst I am no expert on ADHD, I think Sir Ken Robinson, Creativity Expert and Author of The Element, makes some excellent points about ADHD in this thought provoking clip:



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