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Three Apps To Help You De-stress And Unwind

How To de-stressIt’s pretty common knowledge that stress can be harmful when experienced for any prolonged period of time. It can lead to all sorts of illnesses and disease, it can make you gain weight, lose weight, affect relationships with people closest to you – and it can cause your brain to shrink. Unfortunately unless we learn how to manage it, it can manage us. Something that’s helped me reduce my stress levels is by applying something I learned from Tony Robbins and that is that stress is a code word for fear. It is also a result of making something a bigger deal than it actually is. If you’re stressed, you’re fearful. Next time you think about using the word stress to describe your state, as yourself “what do I fear?” The chances are that you’ll find an answer pretty quickly. This is all slightly beside the point of this post, and that is to feature 3 apps to held you de-stress and unwind. This is from Entrepreneur.com – go check it out!

If your mind is full of clutter, Calm can help you regain your focus in only two minutes. A soft, female voice guides you through a series of relaxation techniques while gentle ocean waves roll in and out. Once you learn to focus, you can increase your sessions in five-minute increments going up to 30 minutes for a more beneficial session.

If you’re on edge, frustrated or easily angered, work through the “7 Steps of Calm.” These short lessons can teach you the basics of getting both your body and mind into a relaxed state when the day isn’t going your way.

Calm is free for the iPhone or you can access the programs online at Calm.com. There’s also a Pro Access upgrade for $9.99 a year which includes premium sessions around creativity, energy, sleep and confidence.

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It’s amazing what you can find in the app store these days. It’s definitely worth taking time out when you feel that you’re stressed and these apps appear to allow you to do just that. We live in culture where we’re so tied up in life, making sure other people are happy, our family, our partners, our children, our bosses and most people forget to take some out for themselves. No wonder we’re all stressed! Check out this post on You Hour Of Power to learn more ways of de-stressing.



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