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The Need For Sleep!

The Need For SleepDo you get enough sleep? Don’t underestimate the need for it! We need to sleep for a number of reasons, one of which is for our brain to file all the information that was experienced and gained during the day – in a simplistic sense. I’ve experienced first hand how sleep deprivation can be harmful in the short term – my ability to think, concentrate, construct sentences and remember things took a hit and I tended to think more negatively. This article explains the need for sleep and there are some useful tips for making sure you get enough sleep that follow. 

The Need For Sleep!

In the study, the researchers measured the blood levels of specific proteins in 15 healthy young men under two radically different sleep circumstances. In the first circumstance, the 15 men slept eight hours (from 10:30pm to 6:30am) in a sleep lab. In the second circumstance, they experienced what the researchers call TSD (Total Sleep Deprivation): An all-nighter, but not really a stressful one. The 15 men were not burning the midnight oil on a VC-worthy business plan or a web site’s user experience. Nope. They were, however, “kept awake all night playing board games and watching movies,” reports the Boston Globe.

Still, the leisurely all-nighter caused a 20 percent increase in concentrations of proteins that are often produced after brain injuries, including concussions. To the researchers, this increase–while well short of what would happen after a concussion–was still noteworthy. “With this finding in mind, one could speculate that the sleep loss-induced rise in circulating levels of [these proteins] in our study may be a result of increased neuronal damage,” said study leader Christian Benedict, an associate professor of neuroscience at Uppsala University in Sweden, in the Globe.

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In short, make sure to get enough sleep to protect your brain! The number of hours each of us needs seems to be dependent on the individual so only you can tell. Too much can leave us sleepy, too little can leave us groggy. It’s about finding a balance to see what works for you.


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