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The Importance Of Spending Time With Winners

Spend Time With WinnersThe original title of this was ‘Stop Spending Time With Toxic People’ but it sounded a little harsh for 2 days after Christmas! It is also a subject very close to home so to speak. As we move into the New Year, I think it’s something really worth thinking about if you’re setting up a business or striving for something that people close to you cannot relate to. It’s challenging enough building a business without the psychological challenges brought on as a result of conflicts and/or toxic input from people close to you. We become who we spend out time with so get out there and spend time with encouraging people in 2014!  And check out this great article from Entrepreneur.com of course..

The Importance Of Spending Time With Winners

One of the most significant things you can control is association — your choices of who you permit into your world, who you give time to or invest time with, and who you look to for ideas, information and education. The people around you rarely have a neutral effect. They either facilitate your accomplishment, they undermine it, or they sabotage it outright.

The first useful association tactic is the elimination of toxic people and saboteurs. It’s not an easy thing to face facts about a friend, family member, long-time employee or long-time vendor when they are, in some way, interfering with or disapproving of your accomplishment. It’s important to face these facts and to act on them because the more time you spend with people who are unhelpful, unsupportive, disrespectful, envious, resentful, dysfunctional or outright damaging to you, the less value all your time has.

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Can you think of anyone in your life who is a negative or toxic influence? What do you do it they’re in your family? Or what do you do if they’re a close friend? Our time is our most precious commodity so on one side of the coin, we want to spend time with those closest to us, but we also want to be successful, in as short a period of time as possible. Quite a conundrum. What do you think?


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