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Tai Chi Helps To Combat Stress

This is the second time that Tai Chi has featured on this site. This article explains how Tai Chi helps to combat stress. Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese exercise, is a method of meditation in motion due to its constant and peaceful movements which connect the body with the mind. Through the focus of transitioning each body part movement to the next, your mind is trained to focus on each present movement. This in turn helps to achieve a relaxed state by connecting the mind with the body. Here is how Tai Chi helps to act as a stress Buster.

Tai Chi To Combat StressTai chi As Stress-Buster

Tai chi brings the mind and body together. When engaging in this exercise, you must have complete focus on your movements and breathing. Focusing on the present creates a meditative state that promotes calmness and relaxation. When you find that your mind is wandering, simply catch yourself and focus once again at the present moment.

Unfortunately, the long-term benefits of tai chi have not been studies. But preliminary research has shown that tai chi does improve one’s health. It is known to lower blood pressure, improve balance, alleviate depression, relieve chronic pain and increase energy.

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Now you know that Tai Chi helps to combat stress and improve the brain, will you be giving it a shot or recommending it to those who you know are stressed? If you read the whole article you’ll have seen that there are two forms which are more suited to the elderly, Yang Tai Chi and Wu Tai Chi, and one more form called Chen tai chi that is geared towards those who are more physically fit.


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