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3 Yoga Poses That Boost Energy And Mood

I thought this was quite fitting, leading on from a post earlier today about giving yourself an energy boost. Here are 3 yoga poses that boost energy and mood which you can do in the comfort of your own home. I’ve yet to try yoga but I keep on hearing only positive feedback about it. These tips are brought to you by Jill Lawson who has been a fitness professional for 20 years and has focused on yoga instructor for over 10 years.

Mountain PoseMountain Pose

This yoga pose can be practiced anywhere, and at anytime of day.

Stand tall, raise your arms up overhead, and take several powerful deep breaths. The fresh oxygen that will be coursing through your veins will refresh your brain. Standing in this pose energizes your core, your arms, and your legs, so take advantage of it whenever you can.

Dynamic Standing Twist

Inspired by the Five Tibetan Rites, the book of youthful exercises, this standing twist will raise the chi energy through your spine.

Stand comfortably with feet hip width apart. Bring both arms level with your shoulders. First, swing your arms to the right, and slap your left hand against your right shoulder, and slap your right hand against the small of your back. Switch sides. Allow your head, torso and legs to follow the movement of the twist, gently raising each foot to accommodate the range of motion of your upper body.

The twisting motion will give you a fresh outlook on life, and refresh your perspective from stale, all the way up to superb.

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I think these 3 yoga poses that boost energy and mood are so straight forward that it makes total sense to include these into your daily routine, several times a day.  Why not start right now? See how if they make you feel energised? If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of yoga, take a look at this page.


Yoga Can Help To Focus

If your children and are struggling to focus, then it may be worth exploring yoga.  This report by Marissa Harshman explains how Yoga can help to focus, as well as reduce stress, improve self-control and social skills among school children.

Yoga Calm blends yoga, social-skills games and counseling techniques. The result is reduced stress, improved self-control and focus, and developed social and emotional skills, Wiesner said.

The class is particularly beneficial for children who are anxious or have difficulty focusing. But it also helps kids who are shy or those who just need a way to relax after day-to-day activities, she said. To view the original source of this post, click here.

I’ve never personally explored the benefits of yoga, even though I have heard how yoga can help to focus.  Articles like this however, inspire me to do so, even though I’m not a child.   If it works for school children, then is must work for adults too?