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Seven Ways To Boost Your Productivity

7 Productivity Tips

If you’d like instant results to improve your focus and productivity, then these seven ways to boost your productivity will do just that. In relation to the post on goal setting on Monday, the advice here is to work backwards, or “chunk” things down into bite-size manageable tasks (chunks). For example, if your main goal is world domination, then this will be a daunting item on your to-do list (I’m sorry for this example, it’s Friday). However, when you break it down into manageable milestones, which can then be subdivided into tasks, this brings your goal closer and makes the task more approachable.. [Read more…]


Manage Your Focus, Not Your Time

Focus on goals, not timeManage your focus, not your time, says Ariel Diaz, CEO of  Boundless. This really caught my attention as most of us focus on time management and how to manage our time with the help of fads such as to-do lists and day plans. Now whilst they’re useful to a certain degree, they lack a ‘why’ for the entrepreneur – or anyone for that matter. If your day is filled with ‘to-dos’, it’s easy to lose motivation and sight of what you’re aiming for – and before you know it, a whole heap of time has flashed past your life. [Read more…]


Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs

If you own your own business or are thinking about starting your own business then these productivity tips for entrepreneurs are definitely worth a read. I resonated completely with first the tip below that I have excerpted. On a personal note, I have found that I have plenty of ideas but my weakness has been focusing on just one of them, and when you try to do too many things, nothing gets done! Check out this article from BusinessTime.com written by Lauren Simons.

Productivity Tips For EntrepreneursDon’t Get Distracted

No shortage of ideas for your business? Oddly enough, that can be a liability if you lack the ability to focus. Too many ideas, even good ones, can slow you down or even prevent you from reaching your goal. You’re better off selecting the three most important priorities and focusing on them exclusively for the next year.

Don’t Scare Off Investors

Protecting your business idea and the intellectual property it requires is important. However, don’t cloak yourself in paranoia and non-disclosure agreements to the point where you frighten off the very people whose help you seek. According to Alison Johnston, CEO of InstaEDU, “Discussing your startup with others will give you greater insight into where there are holes, what does (or doesn’t) resonate with people, and the strategies you could utilize as you’re getting started.”

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The second of these productivity tips for entrepreneurs is also an interesting one for newbie entrepreneurs with a fresh new idea. In the past, I’ve kept my cards pretty close to my chest, out of fear that someone will steal my idea. I recently launched a new online dating concept in the UK (www.MomentMissed.com in case you’re interested!) and for a few months after I had the idea, I didn’t talk to anyone about it. It wasn’t until I started to talk to people about the idea, that I was getting positive feedback, and I decided to pitch it to a friend who’s a software developer.  He loved the idea, we partnered, and together we launched the site. In fact, 10 years ago I had an idea which I kept to myself, didn’t take action, and a few years later, someone else launched my concept. You may have heard of facebook? Kidding. But it could have been!


10 Ways To Focus On Productivity At Work

As an employee, it’s often challenging to focus on one task at a time when there’s a constant flow of emails entering your inbox along with phone calls, people asking you questions etc.  Here are 10 ways to focus on productivity at work, from which I have excerpted three of my favourite.  They are written by Daniel Bortz for USNews.com and I highly recommend a read.

10 Ways To Focus On Productivity At Work

Set long-term goals. “Too many people get caught up in the day-to-day things that need to be done—the recent email that came in, the phone call that just came in—and then they really don’t get anything done that’s significant because they’re just fighting fires,” Wendleton says. Develop two big-picture things that you want to accomplish throughout the year and post them next to your computer as a reminder.

Don’t multitask. Focus is key. “These people who think that they can multitask are wrong,” Wendleton says. Focus on one thing, get it done, and move on. “The people who are able to focus and get something done well are the people who are most productive,” she says.

Multitasking will eat up 40 percent of your workday, Tabaka says. “Employers want people who can focus,” she says. Instead, block out time to do certain tasks. “You’re not putting things off—you’re scheduling things,” Tabaka says.

Power nap. A number of medical studies have shown that short napping in the early afternoon increases a person’s pr

oductivity, alertness, and sometimes even their mood. “A very short, regenerative nap can help you channel your energy and refocus,” Tabaka says. Just be sure not to sleep for more than 15 to 20 minutes. Otherwise, it could create problems with your boss.

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From these 10 ways to focus on productivity at work, a favourite of mine was to take a power nap.  Now, whilst I love the idea of this, it’s not often that easy.  My choice used to be the toilet cubicles and a number my colleagues/friends would do the same.  We used to exchange ideas of how to create a pillow and more often than not, the toilet roll on its holder would be the preferred choice.