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5 Ways To Focus On Being Mindful

Are you one to dwell on the past or worry about the future? Mindfulness brings you back to the present and is an excellent way to put everything into perspective and reduce stress. If you’re ever struggling to focus, being more mindful may just help. Here are 5 ways to focus on being mindful brought to you by Margarita Tartakovsky for Psych Central. She reviews a book called One Minute Mindfulness: 50 Simple Ways to Find Peace, Clarity, and New Possibilities in a Stressed-Out World by psychotherapist, Donald Altman.

One Minute Mindfulness: 50 Simple Ways to Find Peace, Clarity, and New Possibilities in a Stressed-Out WorldBring a dose of creativity to your workday.

Work no doubt takes up a large portion of our days. And no doubt the tasks can quickly become tedious. Fortunately, being mindful “can help you tap into a deeper sense of purpose and turn on the lamp of creativity,” Altman writes. He suggests striving to do one small creative thing at work or saying an affirmation, such as “The treasure of creativity is available to me at all times,” or “I let go of expectation and let creativity come to me.”

 Find pleasantness at work.

Altman notes that this is one of the most profound practices. “Pleasantness is an anchor that helps us center by locating the peace that is ever-present, even when it is hidden.” You can find pleasantness in a song, a sound, a scent or a blade of grass, he says. All you have to do is scan your surroundings. Altman also suggests bringing a pleasant object to work – such as a photo of a loved one – or having something portable with you at all times.

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I’m not sure these 5 ways to focus on being mindful are for everyone but the idea of mindfulness, I think, is important. We’re living in a fast-paced and competitive world, being bombarded with depressing news stories every day. I’ve pretty much stopped watching the news as it’s mostly negative and depressing – who needs that every day? I don’t. Mindfulness apparently helps to live in the present, remove all distractions, fears and anxieties. Click here to read more about mindfulness.