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7 Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

A lack of ability to focus may just be down to depleted energy levels. That’s why I’ve incorporated these 7 ways to boost your energy levels written by Gretchen Rubin For Psych Central.  If you have low energy levels, not only is it difficult to focus, but it makes you less willing to try new things, be creative, step outside of your comfort zone, push yourself to your limits and essentially get more from life.

Boost Energy Levels By Listening To Lively Music 1. Exercise!

Even a quick ten-minute walk will increase your energy and boost your mood. This really works! Try it! People often say they’re too tired to exercise, but in fact, unless you’re exercising at a veryintense level, exercise tends to boost energy rather than deplete it.

2. Listen to lively music.

This is one of the quickest, easiest ways to get a jolt of energy.

3. Get enough sleep.

If the alarm blasts you awake every morning, you’re not getting enough sleep—and it matters. Most adults need at least seven hours each night. Don’t kid yourself about how much sleep you need! (Here are some tips for getting good sleep.)

4. Act energetic.

Research shows that when people move faster, their metabolism speeds up. Also, because the way we act influences the way we feel(to an almost uncanny degree), acting with energy will make you feel more energetic. Stand up while talking on the phone, walk more quickly, speak with more animation.

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I doubt you were too surprised when you saw that exercise was at the top of the list of these 7 ways to boost your energy levels. It really baffles me to know that so many people do not understand the necessity for exercise. It’s an absolute basic requirement for your body and vital organs to function properly. Choosing not to exercise is like choosing to not drink water, or eat well. Listening to lively music is a great idea to boost energy levels, be it in the car or doing some exercise or simply doing the house chores. What’s your favourite way of boosting your energy levels?