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How Not To Focus Like A Monkey

According to a senior lecturer in psychiatry, Ramesh Manocha, at the University of Sydney, background mental chatter that we experience in our human brains is similar to what happens in the monkey mind. This excerpt looks at how not to focus like a monkey, and ultimately how to improve your concentration, by doing your best to remove the monkey mind-like chatter and distractions.

Ways Not To Focus Like A MonkeySo what’s the key to getting the monkey off your back and improving your concentration and focus?

Dr Manocha said it comes down to meditation, with his studies showing those who studied Sahaja Yoga meditation – which focuses on mental silence – had more activity in the parts of the brain associated with sustaining attention.

But if you’re sitting at your desk, struggling to concentrate there are some simpler things you can do to refocus.

“One way is a simple zen exercise which is to ask yourself ‘where is my attention?’ and that quite often helps you bring your attention back’,” Dr Manocha said.

“The second thing is to focus on the absolute present moment and you find two things occur.

“One is when you that when you focus on the present moment there’s no cluttered thinking activity.

“Secondly that enables you to bring your attention onto the present rather than things that are happening in the future or the past.”

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Among this advice as to how not to focus like a monkey, we again see meditation, thinking in the present (a part of meditation), taking breaks from tasks, and eating the correct types of food to help you concentrate, namely those which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B12, such as fish, chicken and lean red meat. The more I write on this site, the more I see  meditation appear as one of the most effective ways to focus. Have you tried meditation yet? Are you ready to break through that mental barrier?