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How Sipping Water Can Help You Focus

There are plenty of foods that are proven to significantly improve concentration, focus, memory, and brain power as a whole, as you may have seen on this site from articles such as Foods To Help You Focus or Plant Foods Help You Focus.  Here, Linda Wasmer Andrews, for Psychology Today, describes how sipping water can help you focus.

How Sipping Water Can Help You Focus

Hydrating the brain

One possibility is that drinking water may have a direct physiological impact on cognitive function. Water is essential for every cell, tissue, and organ in the body, and the brain is no exception.

Dousing test anxiety

For worriers, there could be another benefit as well. Sipping water during an exam is sometimes suggested as a strategy for easing test anxiety. By offering a momentary distraction, it can break a chain of anxious thoughts and free the mind to focus on the task, leading to better performance.

Pouring on optimism

Drinking water can also aid concentration the same way a sugar pill can ease pain: by activating the placebo effect. Water has received a lot of good press lately. If people believe that sipping water helps the brain work more efficiently, that expectation alone could be enough to boost brainpower.

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I think people forget how important water is in order for all of our vital organs to function correctly, not just our brains.  Of these 3 explanations on how sipping water can help you focus, the fact that it could have a placebo was an interesting one.  Had I known that during my finals maybe I’d have pulled out a First!