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Ways To Focus In A World Of Distractions

This must be one of my favourite articles to date, partly because some excellent brains have been cited, such as Steve Jobs, Evan Williams (co-founder of Twitter) and Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Asana and Facebook.

You may have come across the term, ‘mindfulness’ when reading through this site. It basically means bringing all of our attention to the present moment, rather than focusing on the past or future – which is surprisingly where our minds are mostly, according to Soren Gordhamer who has written this insightful post for Mashable.  Read on to discover ways to focus in a world of distractions.

Ways To Focus In A World Of Distractions

According to David E. Meyer, director of the Brain, Cognition and Action Laboratory at the University of Michigan, when people try to perform two or more related tasks either at the same time or alternating rapidly between them, errors go way up…

….To access our mindfulness, we need to be as skilled at emptying our mind as we are at filling it. When I asked Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco, how she keeps balance and focus amidst so much responsibility, she says she meditates for twenty minutes a day no matter where she is in the world. “This clears my mind, keeps me anchored, and calm while dealing with [the] multiple challenges of my hectic days,” she says.

Once again, among these ways to focus in a world of distractions, we read that meditation is a great method to clear your mind, and thus to focus.  I also appreciated the part about doing less to achieve more, not because I’m lazy, but because attempting to do too many things at once, or multitasking, ends up being must less productive than focusing on one task at a time.

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Focus Like A Sky Diver

In today’s competitive world, of hyper distraction, maintaining focus is getting increasingly difficult.  Here, Lary Kirchenbauer explains some simple, yet effective ways to focus like a sky diver once you have ‘got real’, set priorities, and having focused, how you execute.

Priorities.  Before you can truly focus on the right initiatives, you have to set priorities. Establishing a strategy, for example, is not much more than prioritizing all the opportunities in front of you to select those that will give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

I have a recent, and relatively large client, whose latest strategy document contains more than 1,000 goals and objectives scattered across the organization. You don’t need to do much analysis to conclude that there is no chance that they will remotely complete even a small minority of them in this lifetime.

Said another way, you have to pick your battles. You can’t take every hill, and some will have to be ignored. So, quit spending your time thinking about the hills you aren’t going to take and focus on ascending 100% of the hills you’re actually climbing.

Focus.  Imagine that you have just pulled the ripcord at 10,000 feet and drifted straight down into the drop zone. I’ll bet that nothing interfered with your headspace during that compressed time frame … because you were intensely focused on doing all the right things so that you would end up on the right side of the grass. You weren’t thinking about all the projects you haven’t finished … you weren’t looking at email notifications or reminders.

Turn everything else off … and intensely focus on what’s in front of you.

Execute.  At this point, you’ve stopped thinking and started doing. You’ve been real about what you can accomplish, set your priorities and started to focus on what’s in front of you. Now you need to continue to execute without revisiting the options or reconsidering the choices you have already made.

What a great analogy on how to focus.  I was so impressed that I changed the title to Focus Like A Skydiver.   What do you think?


One Way To Focus Your Mind

This one way to focus your mind is brought to you from relaxationmeditations.com where Michaiel Bovenes talks about the conscious and subconscious and using your imagination to re-channel focus whenever you lose it.  Rather than attempting to explain the process, I’ll leave you to watch the video.

One Way To Focus Your Mind

If you liked this one way to focus your mind, stay tuned for Part II tomorrow.



How To Focus Your Mind In An Era of ‘Hyper Distraction’

We’re surrounded by distractions and it’s getting increasingly difficult focus, whether the distraction is social media, or texts, phone calls, emails etc.  Margaret Moore, co-author of ‘Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life: Train Your Brain To Get More Done In Less Time’, explains just how to focus your mind in an era of ‘hyper distraction‘.

The answer is ‘not about the to-do list and apps. It’s about using your mind and your brain in the most productive way.’

Not only is there rarely a chance to have a break from the arsenal of bombardments in our ‘hyper distracted’ lives, but we are not allowing our minds to cope and be creative.

Ms Moore says in turn our health takes a hit – which makes us even less focused.

‘Manage the frenzy’, Ms Moore says, so that our negative habits do not ‘impair our ability to do things or to be creative.’

Many turn to lists for help, but Ms Moore says they are too long.

‘We think about the 32 things we’re not doing when we’re doing the one thing we need to focus on’.

Instead, she told the news site that we need to aim to ‘decide what’s important and stick to that for the day.

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If you believe you’re good at multitasking and are not wondering how to focus your mind in an era of ‘hyper distraction’ then consider the point that not only is multitasking detrimental to getting work done well and reaching goals but it is not good for your mind. The part I found particularly interesting was with regard to how multitasking actually makes you less creative.  When you apply one hundred percent to one task with no distractions, and you complete it to a high standard, you feel more energised. Turn off all distractions and concentrate for 30 mins – see if you can do it!


Shift Your Focus – Tony Robbins

It doesn’t matter in which area of your life you’re struggling to maintain focus, Tony Robbins highlights some great tips for shifting your focus in this short video. He suggests to shift your focus – by focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want, establishing a crystal clear focus and visualising it as this gives you drive, then to get the best tools or map to make it happen, such as the best mentor and finally to resolve any inner conflicts.

This is sterling advice and is congruent with The Law Of Attraction.  If you don’t shift your focus, you will continue as you have done until now.


Focus Will Improve Your Memory

If you’re one who struggles to remember events of your recent past, it could be down to the fact that you are lacking focus. Here, memory champion Ron White, explains how focus will improve your memory and your mind.

One of the greatest lessons I learned when training for the USA Memory Championship was the impact of focus on your memory and brain. To hone my focus, my US Navy SEAL coach (yes, I actually had a Navy SEAL coach me) had me train in situations that would normally distract me.

Remove distractions, and break your time down into smaller chunks, of say 45 minutes, for each task. Not only will you become more productive but your newly established focus will improve your memory and brain in the long run.

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