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Being Distracted Can Be A Good Thing

Do you ever have the best ideas when you’re away from your computer? Do you ever have that light bulb moment when you’re in the shower or going for a run? Distractions, for the most part, can be detrimental to progress, but being distracted can be a good thing according to Mark Fenske, co-author of “The Winner’s Brain”.

Mark Fenske, coauthor of “The Winner’s Brain” and an associate professor of neuroscience at the University of Guelph in Canada, puts it this way: “It’s paradoxical. You need to be able to focus to shut off distractions, but sometimes you can focus too hard.

I often find that when I’m sat at my desk for too long, my brain gets to a stalemate and I freeze up. I’ll get up and go to make a cup of green tea and a snack, and then I’ll suddenly have a brain wave. Cleary being distracted can be a good thing at times. I guess the same theory can be related to when you’re trying so hard to remember something, and it just won’t come to you, until you start to think of something else, and then you’ll suddenly remember it.

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