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How Stress Can Help You Focus

In contrast to a post a few days ago, this thought-provoking article explains how stress can help you focus, and can actually be beneficial to your brain. Not only do pressing deadlines gear your mind for focus and hyper efficiency, but such stress can actually be good for your immune system when experienced in small bursts.

Improves efficiency

The short buzz of energy released by stress can also help to improve work productivity and efficiency. Small doses of stress not only enable you to keep on your toes, they also help to improve your memory and spur you to perform tasks more efficiently.When stress hits, the instant energy boost released makes the entire body go on full alert and it becomes highly productive and focused.

Breeds success

In an extremely competitive work environment, a little anxiety is actually good and even necessary for you. Highly successful people often use stress positively to bring about change and activity. They are anxious about today and the future; they stress about the thought of losing and they worry about not having enough hours in a day to get everything done.

This reminds me of how I got through my degree and masters (just thought I’d slip those both in there). Like many people, I’ve always performed better under pressure. It’s important that for the most part, your are not under constant high levels of stress as that can be detrimental to your health and performance, but it is clear how stress can help you focus when experienced in short bursts.

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