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Eliminate Stress In Order To Focus

Small amounts of stress can lead to increased productivity but sustained high levels of stress can be harmful to your health, your brain and your ability to focus.  This is why it’s essential to eliminate stress in order to focus.  This short but sweet article written by fitness and nutrition expert, Kate Eason for ReporterNews.com explains how to deal with stress and focus.

Eliminate Stress In Order To Focus

Delegate your time. Decide what must be done first, and how you can accomplish that first task. Is there someone that can help you? What time specifically during the day can you work on it, and what exactly do you need to get done? Figure out how to put focus on the task to see it to completion.

Move down the list. Once you have a feasible plan written out, it gives you a focus, so you don’t feel like your just flailing around staying busy, but not getting anything done.

No matter how crazy things get you, must make some time for yourself. It might seem crazy in the midst of a stressful situation, but it’s a must. Don’t give up the things that help you relax. It’s amazing how just taking a moment to regroup can refocus you. Close your eyes for 10 minutes, hit your workout, go for a walk around the block or do something good just for you. Love on yourself for a moment.

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I believe it so important to eliminate stress in order to focus. It’s all too easy to allow yourself to get stressed which is why I fully agree with her closing paragraph.  For example, we’re faced with challenges every day.  If we let each and every one of those challenges become a “stress” then we’re going to be very stressed out people  – and this is detrimental to our health, let alone our ability to focus. Take a step back, look at the big picture, break things down into smaller, more manageable chunks, and Robert’s your father’s brother (Bob’s your uncle).