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5 Ways To Avoid Burnout And Be Fulfilled

ExerciseOn the run up to Christmas (I think I’m allowed to say that word now), it’s easy to overwork ourselves and overplay ourselves – which of course doesn’t help with focus and productivity. Here, Nathaniel Lambert, Ph.D, for Psychology Today looks into 5 ways to avoid depression and be fulfilled. The areas looked at are our physical health, intellectual stimulation, self-introspection, social interaction and celebrating our victories.  [Read more…]


Three Apps To Help You De-stress And Unwind

How To de-stressIt’s pretty common knowledge that stress can be harmful when experienced for any prolonged period of time. It can lead to all sorts of illnesses and disease, it can make you gain weight, lose weight, affect relationships with people closest to you – and it can cause your brain to shrink. Unfortunately unless we learn how to manage it, it can manage us. Something that’s helped me reduce my stress levels is by applying something I learned from Tony Robbins and that is that stress is a code word for fear. It is also a result of making something a bigger deal than it actually is. [Read more…]


Stress Causes Your Brain To Shrink

If that’s not a catchy title then I don’t know what is. Since creating this site, I’ve read numerous articles and reports about how stress is detrimental to your health, and written many posts that link stress to poor brain performance. The idea that stress causes your brain to shrink, is quite a scary thought, given the ridiculously fast-paced and competitive world we live in today.  Researchers at Yale University wanted to test how stress can cause brain synapses in humans and their findings are described below.

Stress Causes Your Brain To Shrink

Beat Stress Before It Beats YouMajor depression or chronic stress can cause the loss of brain volume, a condition that contributes to both emotional and cognitive impairment. Now a team of researchers led by Yale scientists has discovered one reason why this occurs — a single genetic switch that triggers loss of brain connections in humans and depression in animal models.

The findings, reported in the Aug. 12 issue of the journal Nature Medicine, show that the genetic switch known as a transcription factor represses the expression of several genes that are necessary for the formation of synaptic connections between brain cells, which in turn could contribute to loss of brain mass in the prefrontal cortex.

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Now you know that stress causes your brain to shrink, what are you going to do to manage your stress levels? Stress is so incredibly dangerous to your health but the majority of people are not aware of this, or indeed how to deal with it if they do feel stressed. High levels of stress lead to illness, disease and brain disorders. It’s quite frankly, something that we need to do without. In small doses, it’s fine, and can be highly effective when we need to get something done.

One of the most effect ways to reduce stress is to exercise, get outdoors and in touch with nature and to eat healthily. When you exercise, endorphins are released into the brain which give you a natural high. Your worries disappear and you are able to think more clearly and creatively. Exercise is also proven to expand your hippocampus – the part of your brain responsible for memory and recall. If it’s your job that makes you stressed, then make changes! My longest employment was 16 months where I developed Insomnia – which is also detrimental to your health. Thankfully, I was made redundant and I’ve only been happier since. Get creative, take time off, exercise loads, meditate, do yoga and ideas will start to flow. Read self-help books, attend seminars, revisit your true, core strengths and work towards them. Think outside the box! Ignore society, stop watching the news and do what makes you happy. You only live once.




Stress Causes Your Brain To Shrink

It’s easy to find ourselves feeling stressed in today’s fast-paced life and competitive environment but few people know that it’s harmful to your brain – and the rest of your body.  According to a recent study at Yale University stress causes your brain to shrink, caused by sustained high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which was initially designed to get us out of trouble by fighting the effects of stress.

So next time you’re stressed to the gills and can neither focus, think nor remember the ingredients for the meatloaf you make every week, you can legitimately blame stress.

“It’s a short, easy story actually,” says Houston neuroscientist and author David Eagleman. “Stress is underpinned by particular hormones that circulate through the body and the brain. Those stress hormones are very bad for brain tissue. They eat away at brain tissue.

“What’s new to be stressed about is that stress is literally chewing miniature holes in your brain.”

Not all stress poses a problem; our bodies are designed to combat stress by releasing the hormone cortisol. That response grew out of stresses like, say, being chased by a tiger.

If you’re struggling to focus, concentrate and remember things, take a step back to think how stress causes your brain to shrink. There are a number of ways to handle stress, some of which are outlined on this site. Meditation, yoga, exercise and relaxation techniques are a few (of many) excellent methods to calm yourself down and clear your mind.

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