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5 Ways To Focus By Organizing Your Home Office

You may have heard that an organized desk means an organized mind, or the state of your home is a reflection of how well your brain is organized. Here, Katherine Gray explains 5 ways to focus by organizing your home office for Tecca.com.  My attention was brought to the point about how your subconscious mind is thinking about incomplete tasks if you have clutter surrounding you in your work place. This must be detrimental to your ability to focus and productivity.

5 Ways To Focus By Organizing Your Home Office

Clear Desk For Better ProductivityDeclutter for maximum concentration.
Clutter is the bane of a productive office. Even if you tell yourself that you can ignore it, being surrounded by piles of paper and other clutter reminds your brain that you have dozens of other things to do, and part of your subconscious mind is thinking about those other incomplete tasks rather than the processes at hand.

The best way to deal with clutter is to make sure that everything has a home and that it lives there. Office supplies should have somewhere to be put away. Mail and other papers should have a specific filing system for before and after they’re dealt with. Knickknacks and other bits and bobs should generally not be kept on the desk.

Manage intentional distractions.
Distractions aren’t entirely a bad thing, despite everything we just said about clutter. The trick is to manage them so that you use them intentionally. Research has shown that taking short breaks actually increases productivity, and sometimes that distraction is just what your brain needs to make intuitive leaps and solve problems.

Musical instruments, art supplies, and physical, console, or computer-based games — whatever your distraction of choice, keep it accessible but not easily so. You want to be able to access the brain-boosting power of distraction without, well, letting it distract you!

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I was not at all surprised to see that removing distractions was included in these 5 ways to focus by organizing your home office. As I was reading this article, I received a text, which I then replied to. I then realized that I’d not taken in all that I’d read as I was involved in the content of the text, so I had to reread the article, to understand it again.  It’s so easy to get distracted, whether it’s our phones, emails, social media, or someone simply asking if you’d like a cup of tea (for the English readers among you). It would be interesting to find out just how much time we waste by allowing ourselves to get distracted.