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How To Focus At Work By Reducing Stress

Stress at work can lead to an inability to focus as I have found in the past.  If you would like to learn how to focus at work by reducing stress, then take a few minutes out to read this brilliant, and original, article by Amy Martinez. – a senior faculty member for the Centre For Creative Leadership.

How To Focus At Work By Reducing Stress

1. Manage your own resistance. Become cognizant of how much energy you expend opposing what already is. It translates into less energy to accept, adapt, and solve your challenge.

2. Give your best, but don’t get attached to the outcome. Trying to control the way things turn out will make you crazy. Instead, care enough to speak up and take action but not so much that you fall apart or blow up when a certain outcome is not achieved.

3. Stay in the present. How often do you relive the past? How much effort and energy do you give to thinking about future possibilities? Remember, right now is the only point where life is happening—and you can choose how to think and act in this present moment.

4. Be compassionate. Extend compassion to both yourself and others. When things go wrong, people start to blame each other (or themselves). But if you can soften your heart a bit, you send soothing messages to the brain—allowing it to figure a way out of messes and stresses without causing more damage.

5. Shift your view. Try to “re-frame” the situation. What other way could you look at it? What other points of view could you consider? Who could help you see this situation differently? Find them.

6. Understand your beliefs about adversity, and choose your response. The way you currently view setbacks, challenges, or adversity stems from how you have been taught to think about it. When you get clear on what you believe and where those beliefs come from, you can choose to “unlearn” them. You are in charge of your own thoughts and are empowered to respond in new ways. Click here to view the original source of the article

As a previous employee for a large organisation, I can fully appreciate how easy it is to lose focus in the work place. It might be worth copying and pasting these 6 points on how to focus at work by reducing stress, and keeping them in a suitable place where you can refer to them in times of need!


Six Ways To Beat Stress

Whether you’re a working mother or father, or young and single, high levels of stress are detrimental to our health. Unfortunately in today’s world, most of us are stressed. If you’re struggling to focus, reach goals or generally cope comfortably on a day to day basis, it may be that stress is the inhibiting factor. Here, I’ve exerpted 2 of Jennifer Powell-Lunder and Barbara Greenberg’s six ways to beat stress out of your life and while they focus on the working mother, their techniques can help everyone.

Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t.

There are times when we all have to deal with situations we wish we could change When you put your energy into negotiating the

system in your favor instead of working against it you are usually better served. The satisfaction you will experience of having worked it out is sure to replace the stress of feeling stuck.

Just Do it!

Of course you don’t have time for yourself; sometimes you just need to take it! I have learned to make relaxing activities such as getting a mani and a pedi a priority. I used to feel guilty when I asked my husband to take charge of the kids’ activities for an hour or two but now I realize the benefits. When you don’t take time for yourself you can start to feel stressed and even irritable. You not only help yourself when you take the time, but you help those around you. After all, you are no fun when you are grumpy or frustrated. Click here to visit the original source of this post

I couldn’t agree more with every method. Exercise and good nutrition are absolute key out of these six ways to beat stress, but I particularly appreciate the point above above about focusing on what you can do, rather than on what you can’t. This can equally be applied to your work to-do-list. Ask someone else to carry out tasks that will take them much less time than you, or outsource them to spend your time on value-added tasks.



How To Focus And Avoid Distractions

Distractions around us is a key reason why some of us find it so hard to focus in today’s environment. It’s getting increasingly difficult to figure out how to focus and avoid distractions. Not only are we faced with an overloading email inbox, with a never ending influx of tasks and requests, and phone calls from every man and his dog, but we’re now faced with social media. You can be a business owner or employee and have these distractions surrounding you and it can feel like you’re treading water, barely staying above the surface. Here, Pauline Fleming from ProActiveBusinessLeadership.com lists some excellent ways to establish a focus.

Did you know it costs us up to two hours a day from interruptions and distractions? You might be off making a photocopy, attending a meeting, checking email and what was I supposed to do today? It’s really hard to stay focused, I get it.

So do away with your distractions, create your to-do list and stick to your to-do list. One of the best ways to focus and avoid distraction, according to Pauline Fleming, is to pick one call to action, and have it written down you beside you until it is completed. Once you’ve completed one task, you feel a sense of accomplishment, so you can give yourself a small reward, and feel more motivated for the next. What do you think of this How To Focus And Avoid Distractions? Please share below.

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