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Four Reasons To Exercise For 30 Minutes Every Day

Four Reasons To ExerciseWould you like to feel more vibrant? Have more energy? More drive? More stamina? More of a zest for life? Have you ever heard me quote Tony Robbins’ box life analogy? Here goes again for those who missed it: We all live in a box – we wake up in a box, eat breakfast from a box, drive to work in box, sit in a box in front of a box for 8 hours a day, eat lunch from a box, then we drive back home in our box, eat dinner from a box in front of the box before returning to our box to sleep. No wonder we’re facing an obesity epidemic of stupendous proportions and cases of diabetes, depression, stress and anxiety have sky rocketed, to name but a few of the many negative effects of not being active. We can very easily change that!  [Read more…]


22 Reasons To Exercise

Reasons To Exercise Most of us know that exercise is key in maintaining a healthy brain, body and soul. Unfortunately, most of us don’t actually act on that knowledge and schedule it into our daily routine. If you’ve forgotten the benefits of exercise, then these 22 reasons to exercise should inspire you once again. [Read more…]