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Ways To Focus On Getting Things Done

If you’d like some more ways to focus on getting things done, then be sure to read this ingenious idea from Michael Pantalon, Ph.D, who has recently written for Psychology Today.  Whilst To-To Lists are an effective method of getting things done, there are often items on the list which are avoided at all costs.  Michael Pantalon suggests creating motivations for completing each task and creating a Why-Do list.

Ways To Focus On Getting Things Done

Exercise: Create a “Why-Do” List

Step 1: Pick one thing from your current or a recent to-do list that you have not done, but that you would still like to do. For example, join a softball league.

Step 2: Stubbornly refuse to ask yourself age-old, rational, yet highly un-motivating, questions, such as “Why can’t I do this?” What gets in my way of doing this?” “Why aren’t I more motivated to do this?” The answers to these questions will only rehearse excuses, which lead to inaction and guilt.  That’s why we don’t get those stubborn to-do list items done – we ask ourselves the wrong questions. So, instead, let’s focus on 2 much more positive and motivating questions.

Step 3: Ask yourself two off-the-beaten path, yet highly motivating, questions that address why you want to do this to-do list item. Hence, the “Why-Do” list. This will get you to argue in favor of doing it.

(TIP: Simply create a new column in your To-Do list with heading, “WHY?” and list the answers you come up with to the following two questions in that column next to the item you’ve had a hard time getting done.)

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Having read these ways to focus on getting things done, I think a number of people will be able to relate to the point about never quite getting round to certain things, as we do not see the immediate benefit.  When creating ‘Why-Do’ lists, we can motivate ourselves, and put off procrastination once and for all!