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Bruce Lee’s Best Productivity Tricks

Bruce Lee's Best Productivity Tricks

Bruce Lee is one of history’s most productive people, which is pretty amazing considering he died at 32 years old. He was not only an action film star and martial artist, but also an instructor, screenwriter, director, and philosopher. Here’s just a small bit of what we can learn from him.  [Read more…]


Improving Productivity

Exercise For ProductivityFurther to Monday’s post on productivity, I thought I’d include this video on improving productivity. He talks about achieving one major item on your to-do list before doing anything else and also mentions how the most successful people are often the ones that do exercise before they start their day. Both of these tips are in line with my top ten tips – which was interesting! Exercise first thing can skyrocket your productivity as you stimulate your mind and release all the right chemicals. It means you start off your day successfully – by looking after your body – and what follows success? More success. Check out this video: [Read more…]


Seven Ways To Boost Your Productivity

7 Productivity Tips

If you’d like instant results to improve your focus and productivity, then these seven ways to boost your productivity will do just that. In relation to the post on goal setting on Monday, the advice here is to work backwards, or “chunk” things down into bite-size manageable tasks (chunks). For example, if your main goal is world domination, then this will be a daunting item on your to-do list (I’m sorry for this example, it’s Friday). However, when you break it down into manageable milestones, which can then be subdivided into tasks, this brings your goal closer and makes the task more approachable.. [Read more…]