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Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs

If you own your own business or are thinking about starting your own business then these productivity tips for entrepreneurs are definitely worth a read. I resonated completely with first the tip below that I have excerpted. On a personal note, I have found that I have plenty of ideas but my weakness has been focusing on just one of them, and when you try to do too many things, nothing gets done! Check out this article from BusinessTime.com written by Lauren Simons.

Productivity Tips For EntrepreneursDon’t Get Distracted

No shortage of ideas for your business? Oddly enough, that can be a liability if you lack the ability to focus. Too many ideas, even good ones, can slow you down or even prevent you from reaching your goal. You’re better off selecting the three most important priorities and focusing on them exclusively for the next year.

Don’t Scare Off Investors

Protecting your business idea and the intellectual property it requires is important. However, don’t cloak yourself in paranoia and non-disclosure agreements to the point where you frighten off the very people whose help you seek. According to Alison Johnston, CEO of InstaEDU, “Discussing your startup with others will give you greater insight into where there are holes, what does (or doesn’t) resonate with people, and the strategies you could utilize as you’re getting started.”

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The second of these productivity tips for entrepreneurs is also an interesting one for newbie entrepreneurs with a fresh new idea. In the past, I’ve kept my cards pretty close to my chest, out of fear that someone will steal my idea. I recently launched a new online dating concept in the UK (www.MomentMissed.com in case you’re interested!) and for a few months after I had the idea, I didn’t talk to anyone about it. It wasn’t until I started to talk to people about the idea, that I was getting positive feedback, and I decided to pitch it to a friend who’s a software developer.  He loved the idea, we partnered, and together we launched the site. In fact, 10 years ago I had an idea which I kept to myself, didn’t take action, and a few years later, someone else launched my concept. You may have heard of facebook? Kidding. But it could have been!