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Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life – And Get Focused!

I have called this post Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life – And Get Focused, because if you read the book and apply all that is taught, then you’ll be well on your way to getting focused.  If you have not read the book, then this review by Shannon Fitzgerald for Pyschology Today may just entice you to do so.  The authors, Paul Hammerness, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard’s Medical School, and Margaret Moore, assistant psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry provide a scientific approach in the field of neuroscience and a practical application of all that is explained.

Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life

Within this book we gradually move with the authors through the all of the Rules of Order: “Taming the Frenzy;” “Sustaining Attention;” “Applying the Brakes;” “Molding Information;” “Shift Setting” and “Connecting the Dots” (where we learn to put together each one of these valuable tenets to form a practical design with which to newly approach our lives).  If ever, during the course of the narrative, we doubt the real need for adjusting our turbulent lifestyles, the authors rein us back in with new understandings in neuroscience and another example of someone burning the proverbial candle at both ends.

As the book claimed from the beginning, Coach Meg and Dr. Hammerness offer us tools with which “to tap into our embedded organizational skills, improve focus and attention and better structure our life.”  As someone who has at times struggled with the challenges of ADHD, I practice mindfulness meditation, engage in regular physical activity (which the authors strongly urge) and attempt to eat well.  This book is a priceless addition to my library in terms of very tangible life skills that will certainly improve my ability to organize and manage my hectic schedule.

In addition, I look forward to pursuing some of the websites and citations found within this gem.  For these two gifted authors to utilize them, it will certainly be worth my time and effort to follow up on all extraneous information offered.  I cannot recommend Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life enough, as it truly does just what it sets out to do:  educates and empowers the reader to “train your brain to get more done in less time.”  It would hard to begin to put a cost on that.

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So make sure to read Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life – and get focused! Interestingly, though not unsurprisingly, they touch on the field of multitasking, and how one who multitasks will under-perform on all such tasks if he/she completes them at all. Does that sound familiar?

Organize Your Mind, Organize your Life: Train Your Brain To Get More Done In Less Time