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10 Tools For Creating New Beginnings

As we rapidly reach the end of 2012, you may be wondering where the year went. It may be that you have had a highly successful year and wouldn’t have it any other way, or you may be feeling a little frustrated that you haven’t achieve certain things, and that may be related to love, finance, relationships, health or anything else. If you do fall into the ‘slightly frustrated’ category, it may be worth reflecting on all the positive achievements and progress that you’ve made. And then think how you want to make changes. If you are wanting to make big changes then these 10 tools for creating new beginnings from Psychology Today are well worth considering.

  1. Approaching the New YearStarting over is not the same as recouping from a failure. It is a new beginning, and you have gained experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals. Reignite your passion by imagining what it will feel like when you achieve the desired result.
  2. Moving through life is like climbing stairs. You go up a step or two, and then you level off and you may go down a step, but you are still higher than you were. That’s the process of life (and therapy) nothing is ever a straight shot. Have some patience with yourself and with your newfound direction.
  3. You can create a whole new life if you want it. You just have to approach it in the right way. Sometimes little ideas can turn into big things. Visualize a positive outcome for your issue. Medical doctors recommend visualization to patients with chronic and potentially fatal illnesses. If it can help them, it can do the same for you.
  4. Endings are not necessarily bad things. Even if you lost your job, savings or home, what comes to you in the future may be better than what you had. Sometimes the phoenix has to burn, so it can rise again.

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I thought the first point of these 10 tools for creating new beginnings is worded slightly unfavourably, as I don’t believe in the word failure – certainly if we’re talking business. I think people make mistakes and have temporary set-backs, from which you can get feedback, learn from and move on. I love the idea of visualising end goals though – and ensuring those end goals are positive. You can go as far as creating ‘mind movies’ of how you’ll feel emotionally when you achieve that goal. When you do this, whatever needs to be completed between now and that end goal becomes less significant, and you just get on and do them. Challenges and obstacles are shrunk, you can break them down, and make them happen. Bring on 2013!