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7 Reasons Why People Don’t Stick To Their New Year Resolutions

Business Concept - 2014 ObjectivesHappy New Year! Have you made New Year’s resolutions? Are you going to stick to them? Thought this would be a useful post given it’s the 1st Jan. I believe the reason people don’t stick to their New Year resolutions is because they don’t focus on the pleasure of the outcome they’re trying to achieve, rather the pain of the process. According to peak performance coach, Tony Robbins, we human beings are motivated by pain and pleasure – then need to avoid pain and the desire to gain pleasure. If you set a New Year resolution such as to quit smoking, you subconsciously associate pain to that as you regard it as a sacrifice, depriving yourself of something you enjoy. We don’t like pain, so it rarely lasts! But when you focus on having a set of lungs that will enable you to be much fitter, full of energy, vibrancy, your skin will look better, you’ll live longer, you’ll slow down ageing, you won’t stink, your sex life will improve as you’ll have more stamina etc – you’ll have a far greater change of success! You’ve got to give yourself a big enough “why” which is what this first point is all about… [Read more…]