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A Mentor Will Help You Focus And Reach Your Goals

Over the last couple of years whilst trying and testing various different ideas, more and more, I come across the advice that a mentor will help you focus and reach your goals. When you work for a large organisation, this is often included in training programs. However, when you work for yourself this is not so easily achieved – or at least, the idea of a mentor does not always seem obvious.  Here, the most powerful woman in Wall Street, Karen Peetz, talks about her success and how she would not have reached her level of success unless she set goals and had a mentor.

Mentor For Goal Setting And FocusSpeaking from a noisy airport lounge in Rome, Peetz reiterates a final tip: “Setting goals is definitely the single biggest factor to whatever success I’ve had.

“I was pretty hard on myself, still am, to say, what should I be able to accomplish personally and professionally this year, what’s realistic, but also, if I haven’t done it, if I haven’t got that next promotion or whatever, what am I going to do about it?”

When it comes to work/life balance, she says perfect balance is a myth and it’s more about ebb and flow. She advises sitting down with your family so that everyone can share their goals and become aware of how to help each other succeed.

To peals of laughter at the ceremony, Peetz said visitors were best to avoid her household over Christmas unless they were ready to share the households goals.

“Call us a little performance-orientated,” she joked, “but every new year we each set personal, family and career goals and then we also rate each other on how we did last year.” She says it’s about focusing on the possibilities and not on the barriers, adding being clear with your family and yourself is key.

“Let go of any guilt or ambivalence. Just get clear with your spouse and your family. Say ‘This is what I want to do, I’m going to incorporate everybody’s needs, I’m not going to do this selfishly’ – but not being held back by your own ambivalence, I think that’s a very important thing for women to do as early as possible so they don’t waste time in different stages where the competition is gaining on them.”

She encourages all women in positions of power to share their skills through mentoring. In her own company there are 50 mentoring and networking chapters for women around the globe, including one in Dublin, spearheaded by WXN (Women’s Executive Network) member and managing director of BNY Fund Services Ireland, Ann Fogarty.

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Whether you’re man or woman, work for yourself or for someone else, it seems clear that a mentor will help you focus and reach your goals. I can relate to the idea of sharing goals with family – and friends.  Sharing them with others also puts the extra pressure on  to make them happen.