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Manage Stress In Order To Focus

If you suffer from stress, it’s highly likely that it’s inhibiting your ability to focus and concentrate.  This is why it is necessary to manage stress in order to focus.  Stress is not only detrimental to your ability to focus, make decisions, concentrate etc, it’s actually dangerous for your health when sustained for lengthy periods of time.  Here, psychologist, author, and philosopher, Neel Burton, for Psychology Today, explains how to identify with stress and then how to manage it.

Manage StressEmotional symptoms: Anxiety, fear, irritability, anger, resentment, loss of confidence

Cognitive symptoms: Difficulty concentrating or making decisions, confusion, repetitive or circular thoughts

Physical symptoms: Dry mouth, tremor, sweatiness, pounding or racing heartbeat, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, muscle tension, headache, dizziness

Behavioural symptoms: Nervous habits such as nail biting or pacing, drinking more coffee or alcohol, eating too much or too little, sleepingpoorly, acting brashly or unreasonably, losing your temper, being inconsiderate to others, neglecting your responsibilities

It’s often not easy to identify with the fact that you may be stressed which is why these pointers are particularly handy.  Here are a few of Neel Burton’s tips on now to manage stress:

Other general strategies that you can use for reducing stress include listening to classical music (for example, Bach or Chopin), taking a hot bath, reading a book or surfing the internet, calling up or meeting a friend, practising yoga or meditation, and playing sports.

Lifestyle changes can help both to reduce stress and to increase your ability to cope with stress. Lifestyle changes to consider include:

—Simplifying your life, even if this means doing less or doing only one thing at a time.

—Having a schedule and keeping to it.

—Getting enough sleep.

—Exercising regularly (for example, walking, swimming, yoga).

—Eating a balanced diet.

—Restricting your intake of coffee or alcohol.

—Taking time out to do the things that you enjoy.

—Connecting with others and sharing your thoughts and feelings with them.

—Changing your thinking style: having realistic expectations, reframing problems, expressing your thoughts and feelings, maintain a sense of humour.

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If these tips on how to manage stress in order to focus were useful for you, please share with friends, family and colleagues.  Tackle stress before it tackles you.  If you want to read more about stress, there are a number of articles on this site under the category of Dealing With Stress, such as Stress Causes Your Brain To Shrink.

Neel Burton wrote The Art Of Failure: The Anti Self-Help Guide and Hide And Seek – The Psychology Of Self Deception.