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How To Improve Your Memory

CyclingIf you’d like to learn how to improve your memory, then stop what you’re doing now! No matter how young or old we are, we have a brain that needs protecting and looking after. On a societal level, there are things that we do or don’t do which can can affect our brains – like, living an inactive lifestyle, not drinking enough water, over-indulging in alcohol, consuming the wrongs types of food and exposure to certain chemicals. As we age, the part of the brain responsible for memory starts to shrink, but this can be significantly slowed. [Read more…]


How To Double The Performance Of Your Brain (Part 3/4)

The third in the series of how to double the performance of your brain explains more of Napoleon Hill’s advice to have absolute confidence and belief that you will be successful in whatever your goals may be. Through this absolute belief, the super conscious mind will work with you in reaching your goals. We can program our goal and target into our mind and as long as we have crystal clear clarity as to what it is that we want to accomplish, we can fire a ‘mental torpedo’ into the air, and the super conscious mind will do whatever is necessary to get through hurdles, set backs, mistakes so we can learn from them and move forward.

What did you think of part 3 of How to Double The Performance Of Your Brain? According to Napoleon Hill with every set back or obstacle there is a seed of an equal or opposite or greater advantage or benefit. The successful person looks for the advantage or benefit in any situation – which may be described as the benefit of hindsight.

The super conscious apparently functions works in two ways; when the conscious mind is working 100% on solving problems and working towards your goal and also when the brain is not involved in anything related to reaching that certain goal, and highlights the ‘shower’ moment, or light bulb moments when you’re not engaged in the related task and ideas come to mind in crystal clear clarity.

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How To Improve Brain Power And Focus

You are probably aware that your brain diminishes through lack of use.  This thought-provoking article on how to improve brain power and focus was written by neuropsychologist, Dr Charlotte Tomaino for AGbeat.com.  She uses the example of how one loses the ability to speak a foreign language when not practiced for some time and how if you persist, and practice, you can actually improve your brain power.

How To Improve Brain Power And Focus

The good news that neuroplasticity brings us is that you can work to improve your brain, and to improve your daily tasks. Most people will not devote time to carving out a routine, but imagine two workers – one who writes four blog articles every day, and one who writes once per week – the first worker will be much faster at finding inspiration, producing content, formatting, and promoting than the person who does so once per week.

Imagine two more workers, one who makes it a point to make five cold calls every day, and the other gets around to five on the last day of every month. The first worker will have a much more polished pitch, be more confident, and have better recognition of buying signs. Again, imagine two professionals, one who does his own filing at the end of every day, and the other who does his filing at the beginning of each quarter. The first will more readily know where each file is and what it contains, while the other will likely struggle to tell you much about the location or contents of each.

Repetition is difficult, it takes devotion to any task, especially the menial, tedious tasks that professionals often see themselves as too important for. But if you can master the simple menial tasks with ease, and forge new pathways in your brain, your fluency in that task will be tenfold someone who is out of practice.

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