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How To Deal With Stress

We know that stress inhibits our ability to focus, but are you aware of how detrimental it is to your body and health as a whole? Stress is very harmful and leads to illness, disease and in extreme cases, death. This is why it’s so important to get a hold on it before it gets a hold on you. Here’s how to deal with stress written by Heidi Stevens for Chicago Tribune Health.

How To Deal With Stress

Before we look into how to beat stress, here’s what J. David Forbes, director of Nashville Integrated Medicine says about stress:

“Stress drives all kinds of biochemical changes in our bodies,” Forbes says. “It instantaneously increases our heart rate and blood pressure, makes our guts not function well and creates damage to our blood vessels and organs.”

This sounds scary doesn’t it? The good news is, that even in today’s fast paced world where we are surrounded by a myriad of stress-inducing situations, you can manage it. Here’s how to deal with stress, or at least one main method:

Break a sweat

Exercise, widely touted as a healthy outlet after stress hits, also protects the body from flying unnecessarily into crisis mode at the first sign of trouble.

“Exercise is a good stressor,” Singer says. “It gives your neurons a tiny little assault and they thicken in response, so they can better withstand a bigger assault.”

So hitting the treadmill will make life’s unexpected traffic jams less taxing on your brain and organs.

It also trains your brain to relax, says Seaward.

“When athletes engage in exercise they have a parasympathetic rebound,” he says. “When they stop, their bodies say, ‘It’s time for relaxation’ and they kick in a chemical called acetylcholine, also known as a relaxation hormone. If you look at our culture, we’re not exercising regularly. We’re training ourselves for stress, but we’re not training ourselves for relaxation.” Continue reading full article

Once again we see just how important exercise is in our lives. Not only is exercise the no.1 stress buster, but it’s fuel for our bodies, and is as important as food and water. It makes you feel amazing too!