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Food For Focus

Do you ever consider how your choice of breakfast can have an impact on your mind and ability to focus? Or more importantly so, your child’s ability to concentrate at school? This article, which I’ve renamed food for focus is an important read for any parent. In fact, even if you’re not a parent, the content is well worth digesting.

Food For Focus

Food For Focus

The sugary cereal gives your children an immediate boost in energy, so don’t be surprised if they are jumping up and down in the back of your car and running around like mad in the playground but then, what you tend not to see, but teachers report, are the carbohydrate crashes your children experience just as they are entering the classroom door – dips in energy caused by the body running out of the quick burn sugary carbohydrates, leaving them feeling irritable, tired, hungry and moody, all considerably affecting their ability to concentrate.

Keeping these sugary cereals away from the breakfast table and replacing with porridge mixed with something like Udo’s Oil, a source of polyunsaturated fats that provide a stable, slow burn source of energy that keeps them feeling fuller for longer and maintains their energy levels in the classroom allowing them to concentrate.

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Now that’s food for focus. I think it’s shocking how there’s so much advertising for really sugary and unhealthy breakfast cereals like Coco pops, Chrunchy Nut Cornflakes, Frosties, Rice Crispies etc, which really don’t do anyone any good. I used to eat those types of cereals as a kid – no wonder I had difficulties concentrating. Having recently taken a keen interest in nutrition, there’s no way I’d dream of eating those type so cereals to start my day. In addition to the detrimental effects on your brain, these ‘fast carbs’ cause blood sugar levels to rise and insulin levels to peak which induces your body to enter starvation mode, meaning your body starts to store fat.