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Eating High Fat Foods Causes Inflammation Of Your Brain

If you struggle to focus, it may just be down to your diet.  Not only are fatty foods detrimental to your vital organs and physique, but eating high fat causes inflammation of your brain.  Now I’m not talking about ‘good’ fats –  which your body requires to function, I refer to typical trans fats and fats that are often found in fast foods.  This is an insightful article by Sharon Kirkey for the health section of Canada.com.

Eating High Fat Foods Causes Inflammation Of Your Brain


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When the researchers looked at the animals’ brains, they found higher levels of the stress hormone, corticosterone. They also saw changes in the expression of proteins that help control signalling between neurons in areas of the brain regulating emotions and reward.

Fulton said the type of fat might make a difference. Other research has shown that food high in saturated fat — such as hamburgers, bacon, pork sausages, cheese, butter, ice cream — cause inflammation throughout the body, including the brain, and that this inflammation may be causing changes that can lead to “negative mood states.” But Fulton’s lab has found some evidence that animals consuming the same total amount of fat, but “good fat, like olive oil,” experience less anxiety.

They also reported the following:

“In the short-term high-fat food feels comforting, but in the long-term, and with increasing adiposity (fat mass) it is having negative effects on mood.

“We know that diet is a large contributor to the obesity epidemic throughout the world,” Fulton added. Foods high in saturated fats and sugar are particularly abundant, she said.

In addition to obesity’s well-known associations with high blood pressure, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes, “we really need to consider mental disorders,” she said.

Lau, editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Diabetes and chair of the diabetes and endocrine research group at U of Calgary, said the story is much more complex.

“We still don’t understand why obese people are more depressed — is it related to body image (or other issues)?” he asked.

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The fact that eating high fat foods causes inflammation of your brain and can lead to mental disorders does not surprise me in the slightest because I take a particular interest in nutrition. What does surprise me is the fact that they’re so readily available and that governments where there is a high proportion of obese people, do not take any action.  It doesn’t just surprise me, it infuriates me.   If everyone was required to be educated as to the effects of fast foods and fatty foods, and nutrition as a whole, maybe we could put an end to this obesity epidemic once and for all? Perhaps if fast foods weren’t so cheap and healthy goods weren’t so expensive, that my help too? Tax unhealthy foods and subsidise healthy foods? So obvious, yet will it happen?