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Muse Headband To Help You Focus?

This is remarkable, InteraXon’s Muse headband to help you focus. But will it catch on? The developer, InteraXon has developed a headband which monitors and sharpens brain activity. It uses four sensors to pick up brain waves and these are transmitted to your iphone, iPad or Android device via Bluetooth. According to InteraXon, the headband can help improve concentration, control applications, play games and even pour beer using nothing but the power of your mind. We really are in the 21st century!

Muse Headband To Help You Focus?

Muse takes advantage of the same electroencephalography (EEG) technology that doctors use to diagnose and understand epilepsy, strokes and other brain issues. With just four sensors, compared to the hundreds used in a hospital scan, Muse gives users an overall sense of what’s happening inside your mind. The headband can’t tell you exactly what pictures are running through your brain, but it does understand how you’re feeling.

“The device and application will help you deal with a range of things, like dealing with physical stress and being able to relax on demand,” said Coleman.

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What are your thoughts on this Muse headband to help you focus? Would you wear one on your commute to work? As ingenious an idea it is for our reptilian brains, which feed off distractions, it is going to require a major shift in consumer behaviour for this to catch on. Who knows, maybe they’ll be seen as cool one day…