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Set Goals To Help You To Focus

Why do career advisors, successful entrepreneurs and athletes harp on about setting goals? Firstly, set goals to help you to focus.  Secondly, if you don’t know where you want to head, how are you going to get there? This is a great post written by a management and career consultant, V Pradeep Kumar, for the Decan Herald.  I have excerpted a few favourite points.

Set Goals To Help You To Focus

Set smart goals

Use the power of your imagination as well as skillful planning to set your professional goals.

Integrate goals

It’s a good strategy to have multiple goals in different areas such as your professional career, personal life, financial and asset creation, health and fitness. These goals in different aspects of life should complement each other and not contradict them.

Why is goal setting so important?

Life is all about making the right choices and goal setting is the process of making those choices. Goals enable you to focus, act as strong motivators and improve results. Follow your dream; but be sure you love the profession. You may start with a job; turn that job into a passionate career.

Career success is a destination you want to reach. Let the goals be specific like setting a needle in your compass. From then on, the compass knows only one point, faithfully guiding you through the journey ahead. Look forward to the destination, but appreciate and enjoy the journey.

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No matter where you are in life, whether you’re still at school, finishing university, half way through your career, or even in retirement, if you haven’t already done so, set goals to help you to focus.  Without your destination in mind, you’ll be like a lost puppy in a jungle not knowing which way to turn, or how you’re going to get there, because it’ll all be mystery!


6 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, managing your time efficiently and focusing can be one of the hardest challenges, particularly if you used to work for someone else. Without a boss breathing down your neck, it is up to you prioritise the most important tasks and to not allow yourself to work all hours of the day. Here are 6 time management tips for entrepreneurs including advice from Y Combinator, Techstars, Founder Institute, Excelerate Labs, and Seedcamp.

Techstars chief executive David Cohen tells entrepreneurs to focus on one big goal each week. “This mental exercise makes you figure out what really matters, and focus time and energy on it at the cost of other, less important things,” he says. “Focusing on the right priorities can help you do more faster. I remember when Isaac Saldana of SendGrid decided he wanted to bring in an outside CEO. He focused on this until it was finished as his number one priority, and it accelerated the company more than anything else he could have done. Now SendGrid is on fire, and Isaac contributes as the technical leader, which is further propelling the company. It’s all because he focused on the biggest and most important thing through to completion.

I find email to be the biggest time waster so I entirely agree with number 1 of these 6 time management tips for entrepreneurs. I actually read a number of these in Tim Ferris’ ‘The Four Hour Work Week’. Additionally he advises that you should only read emails once a day and not first thing in the morning. If you open your emails first thing in the morning, you can find yourself completely distracted for hours. Some other advice I’ve read, particularly for online marketers, is to focus on income-generating tasks first thing in the day and to set yourself goals, write them down in a diary, and do everything in your power to stick to them!

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Focus on Willpower To Achieve Your Goals

If you’re one who finds that you give up too soon on a goal, it may be that you’re attempting to do too many things at once, or you’re setting unrealistic goals, in unrealistic time frames. On the other hand, if your goal is related to weight loss, it may be down to a slight lack of willpower and a struggle to resist temptation. As my grandfather once told me, he could “resist everything except temptation”. Psychologist Steven Breckler talks about a few simple strategies here on how to focus on willpower to achieve your goals.

Focus on one goal at a time. The more goals you have, the less likely you are to achieve them, because every goal has its own set of self-control needs and depletes your mental energy reserves, Breckler says. “Research suggests focusing on one goal at a time and making progress on achieving that. If you are trying to exercise self-control in many areas of your life, you may deplete your mental reserves quickly. That’s the kind of exhaustion that’s the enemy of self-control.

“Reduce temptations. It’s easier to be successful if you’re not bombarded by temptations, Breckler says. If you’re trying to reduce your credit-card debt, then take only cash with you when shopping. “It relieves you of the burden of exercising self-control.”

Set short-term, realistic goals. Trying to lose 25 pounds can be daunting, but shooting to lose five pounds may be less so, Ducharme says. After you lose a few pounds and your pants are a little less tight, you may be encouraged to keep going.

Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or clear credit card debt, focus on will power to achieve your goals by adopting these techniques set forth by Steven Breckler. I believe you should reward yourself too once you’ve achieved that small goal, before you go onto the next.


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Shift Your Focus – Tony Robbins

It doesn’t matter in which area of your life you’re struggling to maintain focus, Tony Robbins highlights some great tips for shifting your focus in this short video. He suggests to shift your focus – by focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want, establishing a crystal clear focus and visualising it as this gives you drive, then to get the best tools or map to make it happen, such as the best mentor and finally to resolve any inner conflicts.

This is sterling advice and is congruent with The Law Of Attraction.  If you don’t shift your focus, you will continue as you have done until now.


Ways to Focus and Get your Work Done Without a Boss

When you work for yourself, there are added stresses and finding focus can be a challenge. You have to become your own boss, tell yourself what to do, when you need to get things done, give yourself strict deadlines and it can be trying. Here are some effective ways to focus which may just help.

For example you can set a timer for an hour and then see how much writing you can get done with a focused hour of work. When the hour is done you can then indulge a time waster or two before setting the clock for another hour and getting back to work.

Create a routine, set small goals, achieve those goals, turn off distractions and you’ll have accomplished some effective ways to focus.

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