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5 Ways To Focus For Entrepreneurs

When you start off as an entrepreneur or even further down the line, it’s very easy to lose focus with the not so interesting tasks such as the day to day admin, operational issues etc – if you’re the creative type that is, which you probably are if you’re an entrepreneur. If you have a short attention span, that’s made even harder. Here are 5 ways to focus for entrepreneurs written by Michael Hess for cbsnews.com. I’ve excerpted the last twe points as they’re more original, not that the first 3 points aren’t useful, as they really are. Actually, he talks about going on a “metreat” in no. 3 which I thought was an enlightening concept. In fact, I might just go on one myself.

5 Ways To Focus For Entrepreneurs

Focus On Long Term Results 4. Shut up and stare: This is a tough one for me, because while I know that it’s better to listen more than you talk, I still talk a lot. It’s my noisy brain letting some of the noise out (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it). But I am making a concerted effort to do better, and I’ve found it helps to stare at people; not in a creepy way, but in an undistracted way. I notice that when my attention starts to wander, my eyes often follow. We all know the importance of eye contact, and aside from just being a good people skill, looking intently at people when they speak actually helps your brain — and your mouth — quiet down.

5. Focus on the outcome: One of the problems with the attention-challenged is that we get bored by process. We dwell on the dread and tedium of staring at reports or sitting in meetings; we crave action and results. So instead of thinking “I don’t want to deal with this inventory report,” I remind myself that we’ll have a great holiday season if we have the right stock of our key products. Sounds simplistic, but focusing on the payoff actually does help me to give that boring report the attention it needs.There’s a prize at the end of the spreadsheet.

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Which is your favourite out of these 5 ways to focus for entrepreneurs? I thought point no.4 was great. However, if you’re trying so hard to make eye contact (and seem interested in what someone is saying) the very fact that you’re trying so hard to make eye contact and concentrate, makes it virtually impossible to listen and comprehend what they’re saying. I’m a master at this. Focusing on the outcome is superb advice and is in tune with goal setting. If you can focus on the goal, or achievement, or better still the emotional feeling you’ll experience on reaching that goal, then it’s a lot easier to get things done.