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Mental Toughness and Focusing Tips For Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can probably relate to the the suggestion that you need to be mentally tough, and getting everything done can often appear a steep uphill challenge. When you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck, it is up to you to establish a clear focus, vision, and execution, and this can be somewhat challenging as I have found myself. Here, Marty Zwilling, start-up mentor and executive, lists 10 mental toughness and focusing tips for entrepreneurs.

Prepare mentally every day. Your mind can be strengthened every day, just like a muscle. Complete a mental workout every day to dramatically improve your focus and ability to execute consistently. It’s one of the most effective methods known for training your body and mind to stay under control and perform to your potential.

Develop a relentless and optimistic solution focus. Replacing all negative thinking is one of the most critical pieces of your mental toughness puzzle. Approach all solutions one step at a time, where a step is any improvement to the current situation. Remember that a focus only on problems will likely cause more problems.

The reason I created this blog was that I realised how challenging it is, as an entrepreneur, to remain focused and I figured many others would be feeling the same. These mental toughness and focusing tips for entrepreneurs are a prime example of why it is so important to seek help from others.

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6 Tips to Turn Your Passion into Profit

Turning your passion to profits is everyone’s dream, which is what makes reading this article so interesting. Joe Reynolds, previously a house decorator, decided to quit his day job and turn his focus to his passion of adventure. Nancy Mann Jackson of Entrepreneur.com introduces Reynold’s 6 tips to turn your passion into profit.

Remember the details. There are tons of ancillary functions that go along with running a business that must be performed well for it to succeed. These may include ordering inventory, paying the bills, invoicing customers, keeping the books, sweeping the floor, marketing and selling. “You will need a plan for accomplishing these tasks,” White says. “You can do them yourself if you have the inclination and the skill set. You can outsource them if the cash flow of the business will allow that. Or, you could take on a partner to perform some of the functions.”

Dole out responsibility. When the business grows, you’ll have a choice to make: You’ll either have to delegate the primary work to others, or you may choose to delegate managing the operation to someone else so you can continue to focus on the primary work yourself.

I couldn’t agree more with his tip to hire passionate people, who share the same passion for the nature of the business, and to incorporate fun into the business. Work should be an enjoyable place to be – the majority of people spend 5 days a week at work so why not make it fun for people, and encourage them to bring ideas to the table. If you’re contemplating a change and turning what you love into a business, then it wouldn’t hurt to make note of these 6 tips to turn your passion into profit.

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Ways to Focus and Get your Work Done Without a Boss

When you work for yourself, there are added stresses and finding focus can be a challenge. You have to become your own boss, tell yourself what to do, when you need to get things done, give yourself strict deadlines and it can be trying. Here are some effective ways to focus which may just help.

For example you can set a timer for an hour and then see how much writing you can get done with a focused hour of work. When the hour is done you can then indulge a time waster or two before setting the clock for another hour and getting back to work.

Create a routine, set small goals, achieve those goals, turn off distractions and you’ll have accomplished some effective ways to focus.

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