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Exercise Makes You Focus

If you’re one who does make exercise a priority, then hopefully, having read this article, you’ll realise that exercise makes you focus. Here, Virginia Winder explains in some depth as to why exercise is so important for a healthy brain.

Ratey says it’s already known that exercise increases levels of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, which are important neurotransmitters that deal with thoughts and emotions. Many people may have heard of serotonin and know that a lack of it is associated with depression……

…….“In fact, the brain responds like muscles do, growing with use and withering with inactivity. The neurons in the brain connect to one another through leaves on tree-like branches and exercise causes those branches to grow and bloom with new buds, thus enhancing brain function at a fundamental level……

How Exercise Makes You Focus

“If you can’t fit in exercise before or during work or school, evening fitness sessions also work wonders. This is especially important for students sitting exams or who have heavy study loads. Exercise first, if possible, then come home and study hard. Your brain will be in a perfect state to focus.

Exercise makes you focus – it’s as simple as that. I found that during my studies, I’d always be far more productive after a run, or cycle or game of tennis or squash. And I totally agree that you can have the best ideas when you’re active and away from your work zone.

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