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Focus On Defining What Success Means To You

This article caught my eye as a friend recently said to me: “When will you ultimately be happy with what you’ve achieved? What level of success are you after?” And it got me thinking. I think it’s important to focus on defining what success means to you, as much as it’s important to define our goals, which without, we are coasting in our lives directionless. This is an excerpt written by Ali Luke for DumbLittleMan.com. She explores the importance of defining what success means to you and how to do this.

Focus On Defining What Success Means To YouUnless you’re clear on exactly what a “good salary” means to you, it’s going to be hard for you to be satisfied. And the same goes for other areas, like your health and your family life. Sure, you can’t put a figure on those – but you can write down a detailed description of what success will look like in those areas.

Don’t Just Follow the Crowd
Society and the media tend to portray a shallow, one-dimensional idea of success. It looks something like this: a fast car, a big house, expensive vacations, fancy food and pricy wine, a beautiful partner, flawless skin…

Is that really what your own version of success looks like? Personally, I’ve got no interest in fast cars, and one of my favorite vacation activities is to go walking in the countryside with my husband – hardly expensive. You might feel the same: perhaps you’d much rather be healthy and strong than have flawless skin, or you’re really a beer-and-chips kinda guy/gal, and you don’t even like pricy wine.

Don’t let peer pressure or the media warp your vision of success. Decide what you want from life, and go after that. Stay true to your values and your dreams.

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Are you ready to focus on defining what success means to you? I really appreciate the point about not following the crowd. In addition to what Ali Luke talks about in terms of what society expects from us, if we all follow the crowd, and society to speak, we may end up all living very similar and unsatisfactory lives. It may be that working for a large organisation, climbing the corporate career ladder works for many, but for others it doesn’t. Some people dream about running their own business but instead end up working for someone else. Other people could never imagine working for themselves. We’re all different. What works for you? When will you reach your level of success? What does success mean to you?