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Stay Focused by Decluttering Your Home Office

This is a subject matter which I believe is so incredibly important. Stay focused by decluttering your home office and give yourself a head start. Working from home at first is a delight, compared with working in an office, where you have your boss breathing down your neck. The good thing about your boss breathing down your neck though, is that it makes it easier to get things done. This is why it’s all the more important to make sure your home work space is completely clear of clutter so you have no peripheral distractions. Even if you think that superfluous objects don’t distract you, they do. They send mixed messages to your brain, that there’s other stuff it needs to deal with. If you have a pile of papers not filed for example, your brain is getting the message that there are other things that need to be completed, so you are not 100% focused on the task in hand. Here are a few tips from The Network Journal explaining explaining how to declutter:

Stay Focused By Decluttering Your Home OfficeBegin by culling all unnecessary objects. Remove everything from your workspace. Then bring back only the items you absolutely need to complete your daily tasks. Computer, pad and pen, desktop calendar: check. Hole punch, shredder, magazine, bowl of old cereal? No. Why is the stapler on top of the desk? If you don’t use it every five minutes, remove it from the work area.

Maintain a zero-tolerance clutter policy. Don’t let anything land in your space for more than a minute if it doesn’t belong there. This includes extra furniture. It also includes noise clutter. If you can, choose a workspace in a part of your home where external noise and street sounds are muffled and muted.

Even in a paperless world, most of us are in no danger of running out of paper any time soon. File your papers in folders and place your folders in trim, clean, color-coded organizers. As with other objects, be merciless about the paper you decide to keep. If in doubt, scan it into a digital file, then throw it out. The best place for most paper that dares to enters your work sanctuary? The trash.

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There’s a category on this site called Organisation as it’s such an important part of focusing. If you liked this post on how to stay focused by decluttering your home office, then do share with your friends/colleagues.  It’s too easy to think that external objects to your work in hand won’t distract you, and the longer you let it go on, the more you get used to it. The trouble is, the more you get used to it, the more your mind gets used to not being organised, and this will affect your ability to concentrate and to think clearly. It may even affect decisions out of your work life. It also leads to stress, so clear that clutter and get focused!