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12 Ways To Focus At Work

Bored at workWhether you run your own business or are an employee, these 12 ways to focus at work will definitely help you to step up your game. It’s so easy to lose attention, particularly if you have some form of ADHD. It’s even easier to lose focus if you don’t enjoy the work. If you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re not sold on what you’re doing then you will certainly struggle with focus, as I have found a lot in the past! Whatever your struggle with focus is, check these tips out by Amanda Gardner from Health.com. [Read more…]


20 Ways To Improve Focus And Concentration

These 20 ways to improve focus and concentration are brought to you by Renita Tisha Pinto for The Times Of India and they’re a great reminder of some very simple methods to improve your focus and concentration. She advises to never be negative; if you tell yourself that you can’t focus or concentrate then you’ll force your mind into believing that, and what you believe, will prevail. Conversely if you tell yourself that you can focus and concentrate, then you’ll find it a lot easier to do so! It’s all in your mind..

20 Ways To Improve Focus And Concentration

Organisation For FocusControl your thoughts

The key to concentration is to not allow your mind to distract you with casual thoughts.

When unrelated thoughts emerge in the mind, pay no attention to them and actively focus on the task you are trying to accomplish.

Make a time plan

Make a schedule for the jobs to be done. In order to balance, allocate time appropriately to serious tasks, and to leisure as well.

This will help you feel more fulfilled and less weak toward playful distractions.

Never be negative

Do not tell yourself that you cannot concentrate; this will make it more difficult to focus, because you will force your mind to be short of concentration and attention.

Avoid Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking ensures that we cannot concentrate on one single task at hand when we have a horde of tasks lying in front of us. Continue reading on Times Of India

I was very happy to see that avoiding multitasking featured in these 20 ways to improve focus and concentration. Not only is multitasking highly ineffective, but it is harmful to your mind. Flitting between various tasks causes chaos in your brain, as your brain was not designed to function like that. The longer you do it, the more harm if causes, and the harder you’ll find it to concentrate and focus. There are a number of articles on multitasking on this site if you’re interested to read more about. Search under “multitasking” in the top search bar if you’d like to read more.


5 Ways To Focus For Entrepreneurs

When you start off as an entrepreneur or even further down the line, it’s very easy to lose focus with the not so interesting tasks such as the day to day admin, operational issues etc – if you’re the creative type that is, which you probably are if you’re an entrepreneur. If you have a short attention span, that’s made even harder. Here are 5 ways to focus for entrepreneurs written by Michael Hess for cbsnews.com. I’ve excerpted the last twe points as they’re more original, not that the first 3 points aren’t useful, as they really are. Actually, he talks about going on a “metreat” in no. 3 which I thought was an enlightening concept. In fact, I might just go on one myself.

5 Ways To Focus For Entrepreneurs

Focus On Long Term Results 4. Shut up and stare: This is a tough one for me, because while I know that it’s better to listen more than you talk, I still talk a lot. It’s my noisy brain letting some of the noise out (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it). But I am making a concerted effort to do better, and I’ve found it helps to stare at people; not in a creepy way, but in an undistracted way. I notice that when my attention starts to wander, my eyes often follow. We all know the importance of eye contact, and aside from just being a good people skill, looking intently at people when they speak actually helps your brain — and your mouth — quiet down.

5. Focus on the outcome: One of the problems with the attention-challenged is that we get bored by process. We dwell on the dread and tedium of staring at reports or sitting in meetings; we crave action and results. So instead of thinking “I don’t want to deal with this inventory report,” I remind myself that we’ll have a great holiday season if we have the right stock of our key products. Sounds simplistic, but focusing on the payoff actually does help me to give that boring report the attention it needs.There’s a prize at the end of the spreadsheet.

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Which is your favourite out of these 5 ways to focus for entrepreneurs? I thought point no.4 was great. However, if you’re trying so hard to make eye contact (and seem interested in what someone is saying) the very fact that you’re trying so hard to make eye contact and concentrate, makes it virtually impossible to listen and comprehend what they’re saying. I’m a master at this. Focusing on the outcome is superb advice and is in tune with goal setting. If you can focus on the goal, or achievement, or better still the emotional feeling you’ll experience on reaching that goal, then it’s a lot easier to get things done.


8 Ways To Help Your Child Concentrate And Focus

If your child is struggling to concentrate and focus at school or at home, then these 8 ways to help your child concentrate and focus are worth a read.  I have excerpted two of my favourite points about nutrition and exercise – both of which I’m a huge advocate.  I believe everyone should exercise regularly/daily, not just kids, and I think it’s particularly important that kids are fed the right types of food so they get a head start in life.

8 Ways To Help Your Child Concentrate And Focus

Promote a healthy diet— Nowadays, children have an increased intake of processed foods, saturated fats and sugary foods. Studies have shown that a diet rich in whole grains, fruits and veggies will help your child’s brain functions. As well, studies have shown that parents should shy away from foods that have food colouring in them, as they may increase hyperactivity in children.

Exercise more often—Both mental and physical exercise are very important to help your child concentrate better. For mental exercises, try playing board games that stimulate your child to think strategically and focus. Guessing games or even allowing them to help you cook by reading or following recipes. For physical exercise, it has been scientifically proven that children that do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day are more likely to do well in school, focus better and generally be more positive.

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Of these 8 ways to help your child concentrate and focus I also like the point about controlling TV and the use of video games.  When I was a kid, my parents didn’t allow me to have a games console and I’m highly grateful for that.  I was encouraged to be outdoors, learn musical instruments, take up sports and socialise with friends.  Nowadays kids are spending hours a day on pointless games consoles that I’m sure are not doing their brains any favours.  What do you think?





Zox Pro Training System: An Unbiased Review

If information overload is overwhelming you in today’s ever more competitive world, the Zox Pro Training System may just be what you’re looking for.  It was created by Richard Welch, who has been dubbed the Father of Mental Photography.  It is based on an entirely different area of the brain which we are not used to knowingly be using, the subliminal area, which is “outside the conscious perception”.   It is reported to increase the speed at which you read dramatically, improve concentration, focus, boost your memory and reduce stress.

Here, Richard Welch explains in brief, how the program works:

This is the best review I have found by far which is completely unbiased and contains no links to sales pages.  Erin, of Improve-memory.com, who is a memory improvement enthusiast, explains how it has improved her concentration and focus.

Having practiced the daily exercises included in the course, I’ve thoroughly noticed:

  • A superb boost in memory recall and memorization
  • Dramatically improved concentration and focus
  • An increase in my peripheral vision and awareness
  • The ability to read 4 times faster than my normal reading speed, with 90% comprehension (4 is my estimate) Read Full Article Here

David Riklan, founder of SelfGrowth.com, the no.1 Self Improvement site on the internet, reviews the Zox Pro Training System.

I think the most important thing to remember with something so unique and essentially out of this world, is that it will work for some, and not for others.  If you keep an open mind, apply the strategies, follow the steps closely, then it may be one of the best things you’ve stumbled upon.  If you find that it doesn’t work for you, then there is a 60-day money back guarantee which is completely legit. So you have nothing to lose.  Try the Zox Pro Training System and see if it works for you.




Boost Memory With Meditation

According to Susan Morales, psychotherapist and student/practitioner of meditation, there is a mass of proof that you can boost your memory with meditation. We pay better attention, increase our mental capacity, and become more patient which helps with memory and retrieval.

Instead of daydreaming, worrying or strategizing about the future or reflecting or agonizing about the past, in meditation we learn how to be aware and alert in the present moment. This means our focus is on what we are doing.

Next time you find yourself day dreaming or stressing about the future, take some time out, look at these meditation tips and see how you can boost your memory with meditation

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