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Groundbreaking Research On New Focus Nutrient

Reports from Harvard University and the Brain Institute of Utah have revealed some groundbreaking research on new focus nutrient, citicoline, brand-named Cognizin®, and its effect on women. According to the research, healthy women who consumed 250mg a day of Cognizin® outperformed those who took a placebo pill on a measure of attentional performance and focus. They made significantly fewer errors and omission each task carried out. This excerpt from The San Fransisco Chronicle explains all.

Cognizin For Focus And AttentionDoes Cognizin® work? GoGungHo® Inc (makers of a focus/energy gel shot), believe it does. They made an agreement for the exclusive rights to distribute Cognizin®, at the proven effective dose of 250mg, within the energy/focus shots and drink category. And GungHo® is going GungHo. They recently broke launch records with the social media release of their product; University studentsgamers and women, love the “smooth focus”said Mason, co-founder. “We asked students what they wanted in an energy drink and they told us they actually wanted focus. Focus to game, study or work without the typical distracting buzz, jitters and crash. They also wanted the convenience of a gel shot with no sugar and all-natural ingredients.” GungHo has a patent-pending on their focus gel shot. “We combined the long-term impact on focus and memory provided by the Cognizin® with the immediate alertness of caffeine – far less than used in typical energy shots – and the smoothness of ashwaganda. Hence folks can get the energy and focus they want without the harsh jitters or crash.” Said Dr Dan Mowry.

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Quite why the groundbreaking research on new focus nutrient was performed only on women, we do not know.  However it does say that Cognizin® could by used by adults of all ages to help them improve their focus, attention and memory. I’m not an advocate for drugs to help with attention and focus but this appears to be a totally natural ingredient, so potentially groundbreaking results indeed. My belief is that all drugs will have some kind of side effect.  Drugs for, say, the treatment of ADHD are fairly new, so no one really knows the long-term effect. I understand that they’re working for kids with ADHD in schools (and adults), but it may just be, that they need something else to help them concentrate as Sir Ken Robinson points out (videos for which you’ll find in the ‘Videos’ section).