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How to Capitalize on Your Lack of Focus

Apparently a lack of focus isn’t such a bad thing after all.  If you would like to learn how to capitalize on your lack of focus, then this is a must read.  This may be more applicable to a corporate environment, but the techniques are useful to understand.  If you work alone, or if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s always great to brainstorm ideas with others and this article explains why.

How to Capitalize on Your Lack of Focus

Like many of you, we are trying to build a fast-growing company, which requires us to respond quickly to new market opportunities and changing customer demands. Conventional wisdom tells us that a focused organization is a nimble organization. As a team, however, we’re fairly unfocused–and yet we’ve built an Inc. 500 growth company. How is this possible?

We’ve actually embraced our lack of focus as critical to our success. The fact that we routinely have five to 10 business initiatives going at once, and we often have trouble describing to outsiders what we “do,” is a core competency.

We each have different strengths and ideas, so surely the solution is to leverage those and create synergies?  That’s how to capitalize on your lack of focus – by creating synergies.  Talk with others and never work entirely alone!